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Insight Paper

Adapting Your Enrollment Experience for Today’s Students

Insights from EAB’s Survey of 12,500+ First-Year College Students

In today’s enrollment environment, you and your team must be prepared to engage, recruit, and retain students who are often less prepared to navigate the college search and application processes and less convinced of the value of college than their predecessors were.

To better understand how colleges must adjust their recruitment strategies to meet these changing needs, EAB surveyed more than 12,000 first-year college students. This research explored students’ early experiences in college to gain insight into the unique concerns of this generation and the actual challenges they have faced as college students. In this report, we delve into the recruitment implications of those challenges as well as students’ preferences and behaviors during their college search.

Read this report for five insights to help you effectively adapt your enrollment experience to meet the needs of your current and future students.

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