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Insight Paper

Mental Health’s Role in College Decision-Making

Insights from a national survey of high school students and six recommended actions for enrollment leaders

As high schoolers face mounting mental health challenges, understanding the impact on the enrollment process is increasingly vital. Our latest survey of nearly 6,000 high school students sheds light on mental health’s role in college decision-making and offers insights on how you can effectively adapt your recruitment strategies.

Highlights include:

  1. How mental health influences students’ choices at different steps in the college search process
  2. Ways to tailor your marketing messages that speak to the diverse mental health needs of different student populations
  3. Innovative methods to build mental health support directly into recruitment marketing

Incorporating proactive mental health outreach programs into your recruitment efforts is crucial for enrollment success in today’s highly competitive market. Download our paper to explore actionable strategies that will give you a competitive advantage as you respond to this critical development in the enrollment landscape.

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Ryan Gardner-Cook

Ryan Gardner-Cook

Associate Director, Strategic Research

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