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Yield-Management Resource Center for Campus Enrollment Leaders

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    The post-admit phase is widely recognized by enrollment teams as the highest-stakes part of the recruitment funnel. More so than any other stage of a student’s journey to matriculation, this is where missteps on your part are likely to have the biggest repercussions for your downstream enrollment outcomes.

    This resource center brings together in one place a variety of EAB resources, including white papers, toolkits, and blog posts, offering practical advice on how you can ensure that the largest possible number of your admitted students are depositing and enrolling.

    White Papers and Toolkits

    Measuring the Impact of Peer-to-Peer Connections and Virtual Community on Yield

    Each year, EAB publishes a Wisr Yield Report that aims to shed light on how Wisr Virtual Communities drive impact at our partner colleges and universities.

    Learning from EAB’s Enroll360 Product Suite on How to Rapidly Improve Admitted-Student Engagement

    This white paper gives a comprehensive, high-level overview of the various levers enrollment teams can use to convert admitted students at higher rates, with an emphasis on approaches that produce big impact quickly. The primary emphasis in this piece is on four core elements of EAB’s yield suite of services: Yield, Wisr, YouVisit, and Financial Aid Optimization.

    Recommendations for Creating Maximum Engagement with Your Admitted Students

    This report describes communication best practices enrollment leaders can use to boost admitted-student engagement, from maximized text-message outreach to live-casting on social media.

    Actionable Lessons and Tools for Enrollment Teams

    This study, while not focused exclusively on yield management, does offer advice with a high degree of relevance for this funnel stage, including a guide to evaluating your campus-visit experience, lessons on how to promote your virtual tour, and best-practice advice for hosting virtual events. See pages 5 to 18.

    Nine Lessons on Communicating Your Value Proposition to Increasingly Price-Sensitive Families

    While the lessons in this report apply to all funnel stages, they have special relevance for yield season, when students’ focus on questions of value tends to be at its most intense. The piece includes data from parent and student surveys showing what matters most to them about colleges they’re considering and which types of information they want at which funnel stages.

    Measuring the Effects of Virtual Enrollment Yield Programming

    This report examines the impact that Wisr sites—school-owned virtual communities created in partnership with EAB—had on the yield performance of colleges using them to help enroll their 2021 freshman classes. It includes both aggregate data and case studies from individual institutions.

    Topic Spotlight: Campus-Visit Resources

    Answers to Common Questions about School Selection and Campus Visit Design

    Few aspects of your recruitment effort are more complex than your campus visit. This document helps you master that complexity, offering a comprehensive high-level overview of key aspects of campus-visit design—a perspective you can use to assess and refine your institution’s own approach.

    A Guide to Four Key Campus Partnerships That Improve Visitor Experience and Enhance Visit Effectiveness

    One common challenge enrollment leaders face when trying to ensure high-quality visit experiences for prospective students is getting all the necessary stakeholders on board, from facilities to faculty to IT. This toolkit offers practical guidance on how to do it.

    An Audit of Your Online Registration Process for Visitors

    The look, feel, and usability of your visit registration pages do a lot to set the tone of a student’s relationship with your institution. This audit tool will help you make sure yours are up to scratch.

    A Guide to Creating Good Questions and Effectively Administering the Survey

    Maximally impactful campus-visit experiences depend on continuous improvement and refinement, informed by a detailed understanding of what students like and don’t like about your visit. This tool provides practical A to Z guidance on how to gather that information and what to do with it.


    Lessons from EAB’s Enroll360 Product Suite on How to Rapidly Improve Admitted-Student Engagement

    This webinar highlights important lessons from the COVID-19 era on how to more consistently yield admitted students—lessons with lasting relevance beyond the pandemic.

    This webinar explains how two key components of EAB’s yield suite work together to boost yield rates: our predictive-analytics platform, Yield, and Wisr sites, school-owned virtual communities created in partnership with EAB.


    In this podcast, Carla Hickman and Madeleine Rhyneer, Vice President of Consulting Services and Dean of Enrollment Management at EAB, discuss how the pandemic changed yield season and how high-performing schools responded, with a special focus on strategies that promise to deliver continued impact after COVID-19.

    In this podcast, Anna Masica, a Senior Partner Success Manager at EAB, is joined by Wellesley College Dean of Admission Jessica Ricker to discuss a growing challenge for enrollment professionals everywhere: how to boost yield in a digital-first world. This podcast explores ways to blend the best of traditional, face-to-face recruiting events with newer alternatives like virtual tours and digital welcome centers.


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