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Partner Story

How Pueblo Community College Leveraged Faculty Partnerships and Technology to Address the Community College Enrollment Crisis

Explore how Navigate helped Pueblo Community College leverage faculty partnerships and technology to address their enrollment crisis.

BIT/CARE Team Assessment

Download this interactive assessment to improve the effectiveness of your university's behavioral intervention team/CARE team.
Strategic Advisory Services
Research Report

4 takeaways for navigating flexible work policies and space utilization in higher ed

EAB gathered chief human resource officers and senior facilities officers from 24 institutions to discuss return-to-work policies. Read this expert insight for the takeaways on what makes a more flexible…
Strategic Advisory Services
Resource Center

Remote Work and Hybrid Workplace Resource Center

See EAB’s top resources for addressing the challenges and alleviating the pain points common to remote work.
Strategic Advisory Services

Student success lessons learned from 12 small colleges

A student success leader (and small school alumus) shares important lessons learning from working with a dozen small colleges and universities.

Developing a Best-Practice Faculty Training Strategy

With much variation in faculties’ core responsibilities, careful planning of faculty training programs and resources is imperative to promoting faculty utilization of student success technology. This session will discuss strategies…

Design an early alert system faculty will actually use

Whether designing your new early alert system or evaluating your current system, there are guidelines to follow to help your institution improve its use of early alert systems.
Research Report

Why faculty interventions can prevent mid-semester stop outs

Research shows that 40% of students who stop out or withdraw from college have an ""A"" or ""B"" grade point average. Explore strategies to involve faculty in early intervention to…

3 strategies to engage faculty in your student success initiatives

I can’t tell you how many times a provost has asked me, “But what do I do about my faculty?” as they are thinking about rolling out a new student…