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Research Report

Student-Centered Math Reforms in High School

In student centered math classes, students reason mathematically, communicate their mathematical thinking to other students, connect math concepts to their experiences, and solve complex, real world math problems rather than…
District Leadership Forum

Critical Lessons on the COVID-19 Crisis from Northshore School District (Bothell, WA)

EAB is hosting a series of online sessions, providing key insights that are relevant to addressing the COVID-19 crisis. Northshore School District in Bothell, WA, was among the first in…
Research Report

District Program Evaluation

To increase staff engagement and promote a culture of continuous improvement, it is important to create a program evaluation process. This research report discusses how eight districts approach program evaluation.

Honoring year-end activities: How to prepare for graduation and prom during a pandemic

Many K-12 schools are postponing final decisions and announcements about end-of-year events like graduation or prom because they often aren’t scheduled until May or June. Read this insight for guidance…

What K-12 “Return to Learn” Plans Are Getting Wrong

Most districts haven’t yet developed comprehensive “Return to Learn” plans. EAB previews the most important questions districts have to get right, learning lessons from other countries’ and states’ reopening experiences…

Managing Behavioral Disruptions in Early Grades Audit

Use this diagnostic to improve managing behavioral disruptions in early grades. These questions are structured according to four key areas of opportunity.
District Leadership Forum

Develop and Implement Schoolwide Expertise in Science-Based Reading Instruction On-Demand Webconference

This on-demand webconference focuses on building principal knowledge and teacher expertise and highlights ways to transfer practitioner knowledge into classroom action.

Prevent Misbehavior Through Early Intervention

This webinar will explore the frequency of disruptive behaviors and current approaches to address them, and then present strategies to prevent these behaviors from arising in the classroom.

2024 Executive Roundtable for District Superintendents

During this roundtable, we'll share case studies profiling districts that have made outsized progress on today’s complex challenges and provide a blueprint for high performance that every district can build…

Effective principal leadership drives district success. These barriers might be holding your principals back.

Supportive and effective principals are critical to a school’s overall success. Here are the four key barriers hindering principals from leading effectively.
K-12 Blog