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Maintaining Momentum in Market-Responsive Program Development: What to Do After Receiving a Market Insights Analysis

Learn from our experience helping hundreds of schools with their portfolios over the years and our research into everything from new program launch to rightsizing the portfolio and sunsetting when necessary. This session is best suited for Executives of Professional/ Continuing/ Online/Adult Education who have recently received a Market Insights analysis, or their designees.

Growing Amidst the Great Opt Out: 2022 Higher Ed State of the Sector

We share insights from EAB’s latest research on the higher education industry as well as key opportunities for colleges and universities to redefine and articulate a value proposition that speaks directly to the needs of future campus stakeholders. These sessions are open to all cabinet-level and executive positions at regional higher ed universities.

Research and Services

The Rise of Fintech

Financial technology, or fintech, is disrupting and democratizing the financial industry. This study explores fintech roles, skills, and opportunities for higher education institutions to align programs to fintech market demand.


How higher ed can adapt to the changing MBA landscape

We’ve taken a critical look at the MBA programs succeeding in today’s difficult market to identify the most important program design decisions. From your admission requirements to program curriculum, learn how you can optimize your MBA’s alignment to students’ needs as well as position the program to compete against both other MBAs and emerging alternatives.

Professional and Adult Education Resource Hub

EAB provides in-depth research and services for professional and adult education leaders to meet their most pressing challenges. We’ve surfaced best practices to help support your organizational strategy, market innovation, program design, and recruitment.

MBA Program Assessment

Amid an evolving market, outdated MBA programs are losing prospective enrollment to more student-aligned rivals. The employer and student demand remains, meriting schools’ continued investment in the MBA, but increasing competition requires careful attention to program design. Programs must adapt to today’s MBA student or risk losing them to alternatives ranging from other graduate business degrees to nondegree offerings.

Quick Reads

How to use state demand data to launch or revitalize programs

Use state-level data to achieve more successful launches by encouraging a data-driven approach.

Here’s how to incorporate experiential learning into your online programs

Growing student interest in online programs, further accelerated by the pandemic, has challenged administrators to offer experiential learning opportunities online or at off-campus locations accessible to online students. Here are some of our researchers’ suggestions for creating the proper infrastructure to remotely deliver lab, clinical, or field work hours.

Looking to Improve the Academic Quality of Your Law School’s Class? Here Are 3 Tips.

As we all well know, the law school market has been turbulent these last few years. While a multitude of factors led to a spike in law school applications in 2021, if 2022 is any indication, we don’t expect that increase in demand to sustain itself over time. Of course, what hasn’t changed is the pressure law school leaders face to increase or sustain the academic quality of the incoming class.


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