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Colleges and universities across the country are increasingly interested in rural students—both for business and growth reasons and for mission-driven reasons. However, they struggle to reach, recruit, and support these rural students. While there is a considerable amount of rural student and population data available across data sets, it can be hard to look at…

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Recently, I heard a director of admissions for a full time MBA program share that it takes their inquiries anywhere from three days to two years to start an application. This struck me and validated my belief that every student journey is unique, which we know makes marketing to and recruiting adult learners extremely challenging.…

Campus visits have long been a mainstay of institutional recruitment efforts, and data shows that they are largely effective at yielding attendees. For this reason, the visit has not been an area prone to innovation or change at many schools. However, as the enrollment landscape becomes more competitive and yield events are higher stakes, institutions…

Chances are you’re already using digital channels to recruit students. But are you doing it right? And is it worth the effort and expense? How do you know? The research and testing discipline at the heart of our approach to recruitment marketing has given us a uniquely detailed understanding of what works in digital—and what…

Delivering consistent enrollment success in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace requires a strategy that enhances productivity as well as efficiency. Our latest whitepaper explains how to boldly align recruitment-marketing investments with your enrollment goals to transform enrollment outcomes. Topics covered include: Transparent, disciplined investment methodologies that deliver desired enrollment results while anticipating stakeholder concernsTargeting strategies that…

Most enrollment leaders understand the power of effective communication with prospective students; fewer can demonstrate that the resources they invest in related efforts are actually making a difference. This lack of certainty can, in turn, cause recruitment budgets to be pegged at arbitrarily low levels or to be first in line for cuts when times…

Enrollment leaders recognize the importance of parent engagement to successful student recruitment. But in today’s changing digital media landscape, many struggle to keep up with parents’ evolving media habits. Download our latest whitepaper for the latest insights into parent communication preferences. Most enrollment leaders recognize the importance of parent engagement to successful student recruitment. But…



When President Obama announced that FAFSA availability would shift from January 1 to October 1, starting with the 2016-17 admissions cycle, enrollment managers had to decide quickly–and with little information –whether to move up financial aid packaging. Now that the industry has settled into the era of Early FAFSA, EMs are considering whether they made…

Whether your institution is a small, expensive private college that began working with aid optimization consultants decades ago, or a large, low-cost regional public university that only recently felt a need for more strategic use of aid, institutional aid allocation is an essential part of the institution’s recruitment strategy. This webconference will explain the fundamentals…

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