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EAB helps you find and enroll the right students

In an era where student demographics, behaviors, and even levels of participation in education are fluctuating, it's harder than ever before to find, engage, and enroll your best-fit students.

EAB specializes in enrollment

Enrollment Analytics

  • 1.5B: Annual student interactions collected in our database
  • Dozens of EAB enrollment analytics experts on staff

Transfer Students

  • 1 in 3 Transfer Portal users comes from out-of-state
  • Transfer Portal users see a 30% average increase in application completion

Financial Aid and Pricing

  • 100+ combined years of on-campus financial aid optimization experience
  • EAB Financial Aid Optimization partners see a 14% average increase in net tuition revenue

Adult Student Marketing

  • Serving 300+ continuing and online education units for nearly a decade
  • 5 experts with 30 collective years of experience in continuing and online growth and program development

Marketing and Recruitment

  • EAB Enrollment Services partners see a 2x higher student response rate than industry average
  • 10%: EAB Enrollment Services partners’ average increase in applicant yield rate
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"What [EAB Enrollment Services] can do that I can never do is test, test, test, test… The learning environment here is off the charts."

Ned Jones, VP for Enrollment Management, Siena College

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I once heard a vice president of enrollment at a large public research university say, “Before 2008, executing on the enrollment management plan was like watching a slug cross the road. Now it‘s like trying to catch a Superball.” That statement nicely sums up the changes and challenges to enrollment in the last decade, which…

Campus climate crises are occurring across all types of colleges and universities. Although crises span a wide range of issues, the most common ones today are related to free speech, sexual misconduct, bias-related speech or action, and racism. These incidents can be unpredictable and cause heightened levels of activism, media and public scrutiny, and reputational…

Crafting an effective communications strategy is becoming increasingly complex. Today’s high school students, the first generation of true digital natives, have multifaceted and shifting preferences. They are online nearly constantly, yet they still value traditional forms of communication highly. They are quick to adopt new communication platforms, and quick to leave them. Furthermore, this generation…



About the Webconference Faced with an unprecedented number of “stealth” applicants, marketing leaders face two options to increase yield and grow enrollments: find ways to identify students earlier, or focus more resources on warm leads with a vested interest in the institution. In part one of “Recruiting the Silent Funnel,” we explore ways to compel…

Whether your institution is a small, expensive private college that began working with aid optimization consultants decades ago, or a large, low-cost regional public university that only recently felt a need for more strategic use of aid, institutional aid allocation is an essential part of the institution’s recruitment strategy. This webconference will explain the fundamentals…

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