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Institutions are increasingly relying on transfer students to augment enrollment and increase tuition revenue. EAB can help you more effectively recruit these students and ensure their success.

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I heard a familiar chorus of concern at the recent National Institute for the Study of Transfer Students (NISTS) conference: “I am not going back to my campus without a solution to our transfer problems.” I understood this refrain. Our research at EAB has found just 25% of public and 33% of private four-year institutions…

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A few months ago, I was cleaning out a storage room at home and there it was: A round and shiny red plastic button with the word “easy” clearly visible in white letters. You guessed it, it was my old Staples® Easy Button™. Running across it reminded me of the times my colleagues at Franklin…

In an environment of increasing competition for first-time, full-time students, growing pressure on tuition revenue, and stagnant state support, colleges and universities of all types are looking to transfer students to help fulfill enrollment goals. Transfer students can increase diversity and bring in additional revenue, fill upper-division course capacity, and satisfy state goals and regulations.…

Across the past year, as I have crisscrossed the country advising institutions on their transfer student strategies, I often find myself sitting longer than I would like in airports. During a recent delay at JFK, I passed the time people-watching. As there often are in airports, there were lots of frustrated passengers and staff to…

The national drumbeat for colleges and universities to do more for transfer students grew louder over the past few weeks. The Government Accountability Office reported that students lose nearly half of their college credits when transferring from one school to another. And, concurrently, the Inside Higher Ed | Gallup 2017 Survey of College and University…

At your welcome events and orientation meetings, do you see the faces of the community college transfer students you want to enroll? For too many enrollment leaders, the answer is no. This is especially troubling because I’ve had multiple conversations with enrollment leaders expressing concerns about the financial impact of declining first-time, first-year student enrollments. Their worry…

For many years, Wichita State University (WSU) has been a top destination for transfer students in Kansas. Forty-eight percent of WSU’s most recent entering class was comprised of transfer students and 88% of all degree-earners had some transfer credit. But despite longstanding success with transfer students, WSU is facing many of the same challenges as…



In an environment of increasing competition for first-time full-time students, institutions are turning to community college transfer students in order to diversity undergraduate enrollments and stabilize tuition revenues. Unfortunately, conventional transfer recruitment, application, and admission processes fail to address community college students’ leading concerns as they consider the four-year option. As a result, four-year colleges…

Whether your institution is a small, expensive private college that began working with aid optimization consultants decades ago, or a large, low-cost regional public university that only recently felt a need for more strategic use of aid, institutional aid allocation is an essential part of the institution’s recruitment strategy. This webconference will explain the fundamentals…

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