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At a time when community colleges are losing students not only to the job market but also to other higher education institutions, leaders must adopt innovative and scalable strategies to reverse enrollment declines and remain financially sustainable.

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  • 5 research experts on staff with 20+ years of combined experience in community college marketing and recruitment
  • Serving 148 community colleges across 38 states and 1 Canadian Province

"Partnering with EAB puts you in a position to have long-term gains, not just for your balance sheet but ultimately for the students that you serve."

Steven Ampersand, Vice President of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management, HACC Central



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For colleges that find their headcount up while overall enrollment is down, here are three strategies that could generate a last-minute enrollment boost.

While loan payments will continue to be stalled for students actively enrolled at your institution, there are a number of ways they could negatively impact your students—and your retention rates—today. Fortunately, there are ways community colleges can proactively assist students facing financial hardships and help them stay on the path to timely (and affordable) completion.



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