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At a time when community colleges are losing students not only to the job market but also to other higher education institutions, leaders must adopt innovative and scalable strategies to reverse enrollment declines and remain financially sustainable.

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"Partnering with EAB puts you in a position to have long-term gains, not just for your balance sheet but ultimately for the students that you serve."

Steven Ampersand, Vice President of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management, HACC Central



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Since the height of the Great Recession, community colleges nationwide have seen substantial enrollment declines among students age 25 and older. Although adult learners commonly leave college during economic recoveries, this decline is more than just a cyclical trend—it also reflects growing enrollment competition from for-profit and four-year universities. Adult learners may value the convenience…

During every economic recovery, community college enrollments decline as students return to work. However, community colleges today are losing students not only to the job market but also to other higher education institutions. From 1980 to 2002, community colleges enrolled between 40 and 44% of all undergraduates. Since then, the sector’s market share has steadily…

While described as open admission, community colleges are only truly open to students who successfully navigate the winding path from admissions through orientation. In fact, more than 40% of students who apply to a two-year college leak out of the pipeline before the first semester starts. Although the current onboarding process makes administrative sense, the…



PRESENTATION MATERIALS About the Webconference Unlike their first-time, full-time counterparts, adult learners maintain a precarious balance of professional and family responsibilities in addition to working toward their degree. Adults see college as an opportunity to build skills to seek better jobs to support their families, but often find college campuses ill-suited to support their goals.…

About the Webconference To remain successful, community colleges must be able to read the landscape, make predictions about the future, and respond quickly to market shifts. However, these involve flexing strategic muscles that are new to many higher ed leaders. In this webconference, we’ll present findings from our brand new research on strategic mindsets and…

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