Celebrating 100 Episodes of EAB Office Hours Podcast


Celebrating 100 episodes of the Office Hours with EAB Podcast

Ashleigh Murray
By Ashleigh Murray

April 06, 2022 • 3 min read

In March 2020, the world changed and with it, so did the world of higher education. Amidst that chaos and confusion, EAB launched a podcast with modest ambitions. We wanted to create a platform to share insights and research, both internally and externally sourced, with those working in higher education. Two years later, we are gratified to know that our show has found an audience that appreciates the different perspectives we provide on issues that matter to them. We thank you for listening and we thank the many guests who have shared their time and unique points of view on our podcast.

As we approach the 100th episode of the podcast (featuring a conversation with Inside Higher Ed Editor, Scott Jaschik, which will air on April 19) we wanted to share some of our favorite episodes with you. We hope you enjoy listening to them as much we enjoyed making them.

Our favorite episodes

Episode 46: Author Nathan D. Grawe Shares Insights from His New Book: “The Agile College”
EAB’s Sally Amoruso interviews Nathan D. Grawe about his new book, “The Agile College,” which examines how colleges adapt to survive in response to the challenges Dr. Grawe wrote about in his acclaimed 2018 book, “Demographics and the Demand for Higher Education.”

Episode 50: How the Remote Work Trend Will Transform College Campuses
Guests explore the future of remote work across higher education and its impact on everything from space utilization to HR policies.

Episode 59: Tips from Women for Women Seeking Leadership Positions in Higher Education
Wisr co-founder and CEO Kate Volzer is joined by Dr. Angela Clark-Taylor, Director of the Flora Stone Mather Center for Women at Case Western Reserve University, to share strategies for breaking through the glass ceiling and offer lessons learned from their own path to leadership positions within higher education.

Episode 74: Q&A with SNHU President Paul LeBlanc
SNHU President Dr. Paul LeBlanc outlines a host of changes institutions should make to allow students to access and demonstrate mastery of their coursework on their own terms and timelines.

Episode 82: Spotlight on the African American Male Initiative at NC Central
Dr. Roderick Heath explains how his own experience and study of noncognitive behaviors inform his work as Director of the African American Male Initiative at North Carolina Central University.

Episode 85: How Rowan University Uses Hot Sauce to Lower Student Costs
The President of Rowan University discusses how 3+1 programs lower college costs for students while still driving growth at Rowan and surrounding community colleges.

Episode 86: How to Reverse Pandemic Impacts on Student Persistence
Experts discuss ways to manage and reverse the impact of isolation, disengagement, depression, and other pandemic effects on student persistence.

Episode 88: How to Convert More “Undecideds” to Matriculants
Experts reveal five data-informed strategies to focus yield efforts where they will have the greatest impact and help admitted students engage with your campus community.

Episode 94: The Rise of Google Career Certificates: Threat or Opportunity?
Grow with Google head Lisa Gevelber joins EAB’s Sally Amoruso to discuss innovative ways to bundle alternative credentials into traditional college curricula.

Episode 95: How to Create the Hybrid College Experience Both Students and Staff Prefer 
Experts share tips on reconfiguring your facilities and technology to create the multi-modal campus that both students and staff prefer.


Dr. Nathan D. Grawe is the Ada M. Harrison Distinguished Teaching Professor of the Social Sciences at Carleton College. Visit his homepage to learn more about his accomplishments, or grab a copy of his book, "The Agile College: How Institutions Successfully Navigate Demographic Changes." 

Want to learn more about Google's certificate programs? Visit Grow with Google to get an in-depth look at the company's alternative credentials. 

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