Available now: Free access to 100,000 prospective college student names

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Available now: Free access to 100,000 prospective college student names

Each year a number of high school students interested in pursuing higher education never enroll in college. When these otherwise-interested prospective students aren’t contacted by a four-year institution, they don’t always consider the option of community college. So thousands of promising potential enrollees turn away from higher education.

But an overlooked service provides community colleges an opportunity to engage with these students who may otherwise slip through the cracks.

For a limited time: Get a list of 100,000 potential students—for free

As part of its annual Community College Initiative, the College Board offers college executives a list of high school seniors who took one or more College Board test that year—including the SAT®, PSAT/NMSQT®, or an AP® Exam—but whose names were never purchased by a four-year university. Nearly 100,000 students are on the list this year, which is available at no cost from May 1st through August 31st. To access these names, email a representative’s contact information to collegeboardsearch@collegeboard.org with the subject line “Community College Initiative 2019.”

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After identifying student prospects, refine your promotional messaging

Converting potential students to applicants can be especially difficult when students have inaccurate or incomplete information on costs, face difficulty navigating the higher education landscape, or lack awareness of the opportunities available. This last barrier often has little to do with the college and what it offers but has everything to do with how these opportunities are messaged to students.

For years, community colleges have relied on their inexpensive price tag to win prospective students. But today’s students are interested in more than just affordability. By relying solely on a cost message, colleges risk losing out on an untapped pool of applicants.

With more dual-enrolled students than ever before and a high Generation Z approval rating of community colleges, the two-year sector is presented with an opportunity to make the community college a postsecondary destination of choice.

In addition to affordability messaging, community colleges should emphasize the diversity of program disciplines available to students as well as the high quality education they provide.