Remote hiring: How to appeal to top faculty candidates

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Remote hiring: How to appeal to top faculty candidates

During the hiring process, independent schools have long relied on campus visits to impress prospective faculty with the many benefits associated with working at their school.  Time spent on campus during the traditional campus interview day gives schools the opportunity to showcase their culture and facilities, selling prospective faculty members on all the advantages their school has to offer.

In today’s new COVID reality, how can schools virtually appeal to candidates when they can no longer experience this in person? Schools will need to change their recruitment and hiring approach, virtually advertising the benefits of joining their community on their website and proactively outreaching to candidates. Below are four ways to virtually “sell” top talent on your school. 

1. Include Key Information That All Candidates Want to See on Your Employment Page

As mentioned in our recent study on hiring top talent, your employment page is the first place many candidates look for information about working at your school. Now that the hiring process is fully online, developing an informative and compelling employment page is even more critical. Here are the most important information categories that all candidates hope to see when they visit an employment page:

Candidates want to see information about healthcare, retirement plans, and tuition remission, among other items. To further entice candidates beyond the basic benefits package, highlight as many added-bonuses as possible, such as free lunch, childcare, or access to campus amenities on your page.

Every professional wants to know that they can improve their skills in their workplace. To show how candidates can professionally grow at your school, advertise these opportunities on your employment page by sharing tangible examples of how current faculty have engaged with professional development (i.e.  participating in-house trainings, using funding for continued education, and embarking on subject-specific travel).

More and more candidates are now interested in seeing how diversity and inclusion are a part of your school community. Your employment page should include information on how diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) tie in with your larger school mission and should highlight current and ongoing DEI initiatives, such as affinity groups, external speaker series, and diversity mission statements.

Interested in learning more about how you can effectively promote your school and community through a best-in-class employment page? Take a deeper dive into each of these categories, including examples of exemplary employment pages, with this expert insight and complete your own self-audit here.

2. Offer a virtual tour

Independent schools boast beautiful campuses and impressive amenities, a perk that should not be overlooked as the hiring process goes virtual. Offer perspective candidates at all stages of the hiring process the opportunity to take a virtual tour of your campus through one of two ways:

  • If your school already has a virtual tour on your website, include explicit links to that when emailing candidates.
  • If your school does not have a tour available online, create a slide show of your campus that you can send directly to candidates. Be sure to include pictures and information about campus facilities, buildings and amenities.   Alternatively, you can create a more interactive experience for candidates through investing in a virtual tour with EAB’s newest partner, YouVisit. YouVisit allows visitors to explore your campus virtually through an award-winning creative multi-media studio and patented immersive technology. The interactive, digital experience creates a one-of-a-kind opportunity for viewers like prospective students, families, and faculty members to see your campus from their own home.

3. Invite Candidates to Join Virtual Classes

Candidates want to know what the classroom environment is like at your school – but how can you show them from afar? The shift to distance learning creates a new opportunity for candidates to observe classes virtually. Colleges and universities have already begun using this approach with campus visitors, allowing perspective students to “sit in” on virtual classes. Inviting final round candidates to virtually join a class in their department offers them the chance to see the caliber of learning, student engagement and dynamics, and the broader campus culture firsthand.

4. Connect Candidates with Future Colleagues to Hear About Areas of Interest First-Hand

Your faculty and administrators are some of your best resources – don’t be afraid to use their expertise in this new virtual hiring process. Connect top candidates with a member of your community who can answer specific questions and share their experience.  For example, a candidate who is interested in running a student club could gain valuable insight from your Model UN advisor, while another candidate seeking to learn more about professional development opportunities may benefit from hearing from a faculty member who is an active participant in your school’s professional development offerings.

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