6 common barriers to using data for student success management

Across conversations with a diverse group of student success leaders this winter, it became clear that people and process are at the heart of the challenge. Even the perfect data tool won’t make an impact if the people and the organizational environment aren’t right. We heard the following framework emerge: Six key ingredients that must be in place for each individual to be an active and effective user of student data.

4 E-A-S-Y ways to rally your campus around transfer student enrollment

There may not be an Easy Button for transfer student enrollment, but buy-in from the campus community, stakeholders, and especially the president, can make transfer-related initiatives easier. Here are four E-A-S-Y recommendations for boosting buy-in for transfer enrollment on campus.

Earlier admission is better—but is regular too late?

Read our interview with Phil Trout, the immediate past president of the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) and college counselor at Minnetonka High School, to learn how recent enrollment changes have impacted the behavior of college-bound seniors.

What you should know about New York’s free tuition scholarship

New York's The Excelsior Scholarship, which guarantees free tuition at public city and state university systems, has a major impact on both institutions and students. Learn four steps private schools can take for successful negotiation to minimize yield loss in the wake of the program.

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