The Student Success Collaborative | Navigate for Community Colleges

The Student Success Collaborative is a membership of more than 550 colleges and universities working together to improve student outcomes and the student experience. Members of the Collaborative use EAB’s Student Success Management System, Navigate, a comprehensive technology that brings together administrators, faculty, advisors, and staff to support students from enrollment to graduation and beyond.


Unlock the power of data analytics, bringing real-time insights and intelligence to administrators and leaders

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Faculty & Staff

Create a connected and coordinated network of support for every student, allowing for proactive interventions and strategic care

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Provide smart guidance at students’ most pivotal moments, simplifying and structuring their college journey

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Research & Insights


EAB currently serves over 85 community and technical colleges across the country. These members have leveraged our research, technology, and customized consulting to drive student success on their campuses, seeing impressive results in the first year of membership and beyond.The way that each institution achieves these results is unique to their culture and mission. This…