Navigate: Intelligence for Administrators

College and university leaders can uncover academic progress and performance trends in order to remove barriers to completion and evaluate the impact of interventions.

Key Features

Predictive Analytics

Leverage a customized predictive model for your school to understand both cohort or caseload-level and individual student risk. Ingesting 8+ years of historical data, our machine learning engine facilitates timely and strategic care and allocation of resources across all students.

Effectiveness Analytics

Assess the effectiveness of student interventions between cohorts or over time by comparing performance across key success metrics.

Population Health Analytics

Track student risk, academic performance, and progress of students to drive focused intervention campaigns for distinct student populations.

Historical Trend Analytics

Identify longer-term trends of success, risk, and failure within your courses, program migration patterns, and graduation rates to inform school-wide or program-level initiatives such as improved course sequencing or program and resource optimization.

“I have been engaged with student success for 30 years. The kinds of things Navigate is doing, I have been wishing I could do for 25 of them.”

Associate Provost, Large Public University

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