Navigate: Smart Guidance for Students

Students see a prioritized list of to-dos and can click in for more context about the important steps they need to take. Students can also solve problems on their own through the term-to-term tools, inform their customized support journey by answering periodic surveys, and easily connect with key campus services, such as advising, financial aid, career services, health services, and tutoring.

Explore the "Milestone Guidance" and "Academic Planning" sections to see the features of each module.

Milestone Guidance            Academic Planning

Key Features of Academic Planning Module

Course and Term Planning

Empower students to build academic plans optimized for on-time graduation. Students can easily search the course catalog and add courses to their plan.

The platform colocates degree maps, program requirements, and completed coursework for easy reference. Automated guardrails alerts students to common planning errors and inefficiencies.

Shared Workspace

Foster ongoing collaboration and meaningful interactions between advisors and students by providing an asynchronous, online workspace to create and edit academic plans, as well as track historical changes along the way.

Using Advanced Search, advisors can identify students with planning errors, and then contact those students through targeted campaigns.

Best-Fit Scheduling and Registration

Assist students in building schedules that align with students’ availability, preferred course format, and location preferences.

Students can register for courses directly in the platform (at schools with access to APIs for registration). Schools can choose to turn on wait-list functionality.

Academic Planning Analytics

Understand, at scale, how students are planning their academic journey. Displaying sequencing and other plan errors, counts of students at each phase of planning, whether courses were planned by student or advisor, and when students are available for courses helps administrators guide students back on course and proactively plan for academic success.

Content Administration Tool

The tool provides approved administrators with the ability to create, customize, and manage the content that students see, and to continuously create, edit, and publish content in real time, without the need to request or consult EAB personnel.

Degree maps and course logistics can be uploaded to, created in, and maintained within the platform.

"Navigate shows you everything in an uncluttered and simple way. It’s really easy to know what I have to do, and having a schedule collected in front of you really helps finalize what [classes] you’re going to take."


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