Navigate: Smart Guidance for Students

Students see a prioritized list of to-dos and can click in for more context about the important steps they need to take. Students can also solve problems on their own through the term-to-term tools, inform their customized support journey by answering periodic surveys, and easily connect with key campus services, such as advising, financial aid, career services, health services, and tutoring.

Explore the "Milestone Guidance" and "Academic Planning" sections to see the features of each module.

Milestone Guidance            Academic Planning

Key Features of Milestone Guidance Module

Pivotal Moments Path

EAB researches have identified “pivotal moments” (or turning points) across a student’s college journey that factor into, or jeopardize, their success.

The Pivotal Moments Path organizes key onboarding and ongoing guidance in a prioritized timeline so that students can navigate their college journey with confidence. Students see only the content relevant to them, based on multiple datasets, including in-app micro-surveys, SIS, and in-app student activity. Alert notifications remind students about important deadlines and overdue tasks.

Term-to-Term Tools

Equip students to take action, including scheduling appointments with staff in their personal success network, viewing their class schedule, joining study groups, looking up resources, and clearing holds.

Student Surveys

Gather critical information from students during key points in their journey. Understand a student’s first year experience through Intake and Persistence surveys. Check on them throughout the term through Quick Polls, and guide them to their best-fit future through the Program Explorer.

Milestone Guidance Analytics

Understand, at scale, the actions students take within Navigate Milestone Guidance. Tabulating data about app usage, completed to-dos, resolved holds, and survey responses surfaces areas for improvement in your intervention strategy and student communications.

Content Administration Tool

Create, customize, and manage the content that students see. Administration can tailor and maintain path items to reflect your school’s unique events, dates, and requirements.

"Navigate shows you everything in an uncluttered and simple way. It’s really easy to know what I have to do, and having a schedule collected in front of you really helps finalize what [classes] you’re going to take."


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