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Navigate is higher education's leading student success technology

Navigate is EAB's Student Success Management System, the first enterprise-level technology for student success in higher education. Navigate brings together students, administrators, advisors, faculty, and other staff in a collaborative network to holistically support students across the college journey.

Navigate is informed by EAB's work with more than 850 schools on student success. Our Navigate partners see graduation rate increases of 3 to 15% and a typical ROI of 5:1. Navigate will help you create a more personal and outcomes-focused experience for your students.


Empower students to take part in their own success

Navigate's student interface helps build belonging and a deeper sense of purpose at your college. The mobile app provides structure for the college journey and proactive guidance at students' pivotal moments. Other digital tools enable virtual onboarding, peer support communities, and more.

workflow solutions

Coordinate to deliver proactive, holistic support to students

Navigate’s workflow solutions help academic advisors, faculty, and other staff focus and scale interventions, streamline their day-to-day work, and create a truly coordinated network for student success. Through Navigate, academic advisors and staff can connect with students, manage appointments and campaigns, and coordinate with other staff to support the whole student.

Integrated analytics

Investigate, inform, and improve your strategy

Navigate's analytics and predictive modeling help you understand which interventions are working and how to best adjust your strategy to support the needs of your school. Standardized reports offer insight into ongoing advising activities and staff dashboards continuously monitor student progress to identify opportunities for better support.

Peer learning and expert support

Connect with a nationwide network of success leaders

Strategic leaders help partners implement Navigate, train staff, manage updates as they're released, and adopt strategies for change management. Partners also join the nationwide Student Success Collaborative to learn from peer success leaders and share strategies that work.

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Partners results


students served


typical retention improvement


typical graduation improvement


typical ROI

California State Fullerton School Logo

Narrowing Equity Gaps

See how CSU Fullerton narrowed the gap between underrepresented minority (URM) and non-URM graduation rates by seven percentage points.

Buena Vista University School Logo

Reversing a
Retention Crisis

See how Buena Vista University used Navigate to increase retention by 11 percentage points in two years.

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Tech-Enabled Academic Planning

See how York Technical College is giving students the tools to craft better academic plans with Navigate.

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