The Premier Student Success Management System for Higher Education



Hardwire staff within a Coordinated Care Network to power information-sharing, united support, and targeted interventions

Infuse strategy into your student success efforts with the power of data analytics and machine learning to ensure student interventions are effective and efficient

Empower students to be agents of their own success through targeted guidance and self-service tools at the most pivotal moments in their journey toward degree completion

Access all the tools you need to support student success on campus

Navigate, our Student Success Management System, is an enterprise-level technology that links administrators, advisors, deans, faculty, other staff, and students in a Coordinated Care Network designed to help community colleges and universities proactively manage student retention and success to deliver a return on education.

We like to explain Navigate in three pillars—Intelligence, Strategic Care, and Smart Guidance. This diagram represents how it all connects. These elements are infused throughout our platform to ensure all stakeholders can holistically support students and inflect real change.

Explore the pillars below.

Strategic Care

Strategic Care for Faculty, Academic Advisors, and Staff

Workflow tools that enable targeted interventions and a coordinated network of support

Smart Student Profiles

Get a 360-degree view of the most actionable student data. The Student Profile was designed to call out the most important, actionable information to support holistic and strategic student care in a readable, user-friendly way to maximize their time during academic advising conversations.

Coordinated Care Network

Support students through coordinated, campus-wide efforts. Coordinate campus-wide student support through early alerts, case referrals, reporting, and centralized interaction records, such as notes, documents, and scheduling. Customize data access by role and workflow configurations by care unit, service, and location.

Advanced Search and Campaign Management

Proactively plan, execute, and track ongoing academic advising efforts. Segment students based on a wide range of criteria, including demographic data, academic performance, and success indicators. Develop and deploy campaigns that give students the information they need to be successful or help instructors provide early alert feedback to support staff. Evaluate campaign results to plan the next steps with students.

Appointment Scheduling and Multimodal Communications

Offer easy scheduling that syncs with staff availability. Engage individual or large groups of students directly through the platform using email, text, and click-to-call. Provide academic advisors, staff, and faculty with flexible appointment scheduling and tools to promote better planning and availability management.


Intelligence for Administrators

Research-based and user-driven analytics that help leaders translate insights into action

Predictive Analytics

Leverage a predictive model, customized for your school, to understand both cohort-level and individual student risk. Ingesting 8+ years of historical data, our machine learning engine facilitates timely and strategic care across all students.

Effectiveness Analytics

Assess the effectiveness of student interventions between cohorts or over time by comparing performance across key success metrics.

Population Health Analytics

Track student risk, academic performance, and progress of students in their current term to drive targeted intervention campaigns for distinct student populations.

Historical Trend Analytics

Identify longer-term trends of success, risk, and failure within your courses, program migration patterns, and graduation rates to inform schoolwide or program-level initiatives such as course sequencing or program and resource optimization.

Note: historical analytics are only available for four-year institutions.”

Smart Guidance

Smart Guidance for Students

Guidance at students’ most pivotal moments, simplifying and structuring their college journey

Milestone Guidance
Academic Planning

Dynamic mobile and desktop platform provides tailored support to help students succeed

Term-to-Term Tools

Equip students to take action, including scheduling appointments with staff in their personal success network, viewing their class schedule, joining study groups, looking up resources, and clearing holds.


Customize student experiences and surface the resources they need when they need it most. Gather information about new students, connect students to program and career information, and check in with students at critical points during their time on campus. 

Pivotal Moments Path

The Pivotal Moments Path organizes key onboarding and ongoing guidance in a prioritized timeline so that students can navigate their college journey with confidence. Students see only the content relevant to them, based on multiple datasets, including in-app micro-surveys, SIS, and in-app student activity. Alert notifications remind students about important deadlines and overdue tasks.

Content Admin Tool

The tool provides approved administrators with the ability to create, customize, and manage the content that students see, and to continuously create, edit, and publish content in real time, without the need to request or consult EAB personnel. Degree maps and course logistics can be uploaded to, created in, and maintained within the platform.

Student Milestone Analytics

These dashboards capture student activity data from the Navigate application so advisors can more proactively support students based on their behavior. Filter by student characteristics such as degree, program, and category, and drill down into the data for further analysis or to initiate interventions.

More than software

When you partner with us, you get not only a state-of-the-art student success management system but also the benefits of working as a Collaborative: innovative student success research, cohort best practices, leadership summits, consulting, and more.

Templates, configurations, and customized change management plans to help you launch without starting from scratch.

Dedicated staff work directly with your institution to facilitate implementation, identify opportunities for impact, and advise on systemic challenges

Onsite orientation, guided academic advisor training on functionality and features, and ongoing support sharing best practices and super-user tips to optimize value.

Access to 360+ best practices from dozens of publications sharing the most innovative student success ideas.

National meeting delivering new student success strategies and fostering cohort-wide collaboration.

Best practices, innovations, and training helping your staff to get the most out of the platform.

The Moon Shot for Equity is a public-private partnership focused on the elimination of equity gaps in higher education in the United States. EAB is partnering with national experts and community-based organizations to provide regional clusters of two- and four-year colleges and universities with research-backed best practices, policies, and technology.

Results our partners have seen


Increase in retention rate


Return on investment


Increase in graduation rate


Students supported by Navigate

How EAB’s Navigate helped a small private college support students and redeploy staff during a pandemic

Learn how Concordia College used Navigate to reach students and saw a 16% increase in departure form submissions, and 93% of faculty participated in a campaign to identify students struggling in online courses.

How York Technical College improved grad rate with tech-enabled academic planning and streamlined onboarding

Learn how York Tech experienced a 4.4% increase in the overall graduation rate across two years, as well as $1.39M in preserved tuition revenue through a series of improvement efforts to onboarding, major pathways, academic planning, and more.

How CSU Fullerton narrowed its equity gap and saw a $29.4M return on student success investments

By working to understand and remove barriers to completion, CSUF lowered the equity gap between the underrepresented minority (URM) and non-URM students by 7 percentage points.

Let us help you reach your student success goals

Samford University

Nancy Biggio, Associate Provost for Administration

“Academics thrive on open inquiry, so transparency is critical to encourage faculty involvement. When faculty saw the volume of initiatives being impacted by their progress report submissions [in Navigate], they were willing to put in the time and effort to provide insight on their students.”

York Technical College

Stacey Moore, Executive Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs at York Technical College

“Navigate is entwined in both the classroom and the structural changes we’ve made. It is the primary mechanism by which we will truly accomplish a streamlined, Guided Pathways approach for our students.”

Washburn University

Alan Bearman, Dean of the Center for Student Success and Retention

“When we had to move virtually overnight, Navigate allowed us to do it logistically without skipping a beat. We’re running constant outreach in Navigate. Someone recently asked in a meeting, ‘Could you imagine doing this without Navigate?’ Everyone said, ‘No.’”

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