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    EAB provides in-depth research and services for community and technical college leaders to meet their most pressing challenges. We’ve surfaced best practices to help support your enrollment goals, DEIJ efforts, and student success initiatives.

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    Three ways to get the most out of your EAB partnership:

    Register for an event to get the latest insights from our research and connect with peers.

    Sign up for an audit or diagnostic—our team will assess current policies or practices and give you custom recommendations.

    Browse our related research, which includes in-depth studies and toolkits, to implement changes on your campus.

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    Enrollment Analytics Portfolio for Higher Ed

    EAB’s Enrollment Analytics Portfolio evaluates your institution’s enrollment performance over the past decade, visualizes key drivers of growth and contraction, and quantifies the potential impact of three macroeconomic threats to your enrollment outcomes through 2035. The customized benchmarking reports provide a roadmap to help your institution align on realistic goals and place informed bets on enrollment strategy.





    Why BIPOC Faculty Leave Their Jobs—And How to Design Policies That Will Encourage Them to Stay

    Review materials from this working group session to hear best practices from institutions that are rethinking structures and policies for faculty retention. Learn how colleges and universities across the US and Canada have incorporated principles of diversity, inclusion, equity, and justice into promotion requirements, and see key design features of equitable faculty evaluation and workload policy.

    EAB Virtual Strategy Forum for Community College Presidents

    Most strategic plans fail to meaningfully inflect strategy (making clear choices to achieve discrete goals) nor enmesh planning into every day financial and operational practices on campus in light of the lofty aspirations articulated. Dynamic Strategy incorporates rigorous external market scanning, design thinking aimed at the true preferences of students, faculty, staff, donors, and funders, prioritization discipline to narrow goal-setting focus, budgetary support of key initiatives, and ongoing measurement and evaluation around objectives.

    Best Practices in BIPOC Faculty Recruitment: Designing Academic Hiring Strategy to Meet Institutional Diversity Goals

    In a past roundtable event, EAB provided a broad overview of best practices in BIPOC faculty recruitment and explore a candidate-centric model of hiring.

    Identify and Overcome Historical and Systemic Barriers to Institutional Racism

    Get the materials from EAB’s roundtable event for community college leaders where we discussed why higher education needs to dismantle systemic racism and how EAB’s framework can help.

    Higher Ed State of the Sector for Community Colleges: The Fight to be Chosen

    In EAB’s roundtable for community college leaders, we shared insights from EAB’s latest research on market threats and opportunities facing the two-year sector, as well as profiles of institutions that have deployed successful strategies to engage stakeholders and deliver on the community college mission.

    2022 Presidential Roundtable for Community Colleges

    At EAB’s 2022 Presidential Roundtable for Community Colleges, presidents came together receive a first look at EAB’s 2022 State of the Sector and collectively discuss and tackle some of the most pressing issues facing community colleges today.

    Partner Services

    Personalized audits and diagnostics

    Virtual “Secret Shopper” Enrollment Audit for Community Colleges

    Participate in the Virtual “Secret Shopper” Enrollment Audit for Community Colleges to get focused recommendations to improve your institution’s student onboarding process.

    Virtual Student Services Website Audit

    Colleges and universities had no choice but to quickly adopt virtual operations during the pandemic. Participate in EAB’s Student Services Virtual User Experience Audit to adapt the virtual experience for student services for the post-pandemic era.

    Remote Work Policy Audit

    Use the remote work policy audit to compare your institution’s policy to best practices across a wide spectrum of employers and data-driven research, and receive concrete suggestions to improve your policy that are specifically tailored to higher education.

    360-Degree Student Equity Audit

    Use our 360-Degree Student Equity Audit to keep equity at the center of your COVID-19 response and recovery plans to help build a more equitable future.

    Web and Mobile Presence Audit

    In response to community colleges’ growing interest in optimizing their online presence, the Community College Executive Forum has developed Web and Mobile Presence Audits that evaluate partners’ unit websites and program landing pages. View a sample audit to learn how we can help improve your website’s usability, content, and mobile optimization.

    Customized presentations

    In partnership with Strategic Leaders, EAB’s Research Advisory Services experts work actively with partners to find best practices that suit your institution, and to help you make sound decisions that attract institutional support. We can bring our research to your team, for a single focused session or multiple sessions adapted to different audiences.

    If you are interested in having EAB experts present to a group on your campus or facilitate a discussion, we recommend reaching out to your Strategic Leader at least a month or two before a virtual session. For some especially popular times of year (e.g., the start of the semester, around spring and fall board retreats) we recommend reaching out three months in advance, or as early as you can.

    • Overcome Entrenched Org Structures and Outdated Advising Policies
    • Advising and Population Health
    • Introduction to the Hallmarks of an Antiracist Institution
    • Creating a Shared Understanding of Institutional Racism
    • Uprooting Systemic Racism at Your Institution
    • Confronting Your Historical Racial Legacy: How to Get Buy-in, Mitigate Risk, and Avoid Change Management Barriers
    • The Three Enrollment Forces of Today
    • Strategies to Enroll the Next Generation of Students
    • Blueprint for Growth: Opportunities and Challenges for Community and Technical College Recruitment
    • Achieving Pathways Goals with Student Centered Design
    • Meta-Major Map Design Workshop
    • Hidden Enemies to Strategy: Five Mindsets to Defeat Incrementalism
    • Compassionate Leadership Seminar
    • Resilient Leadership
    • Competing for Talent: Securing Competitive Advantage Amid Historic Staffing Shortages
    • How Deans Can Help Combat Burnout and Support Faculty Well-Being
    • Introduction to Employee Value Proposition
    • Crafting an Employee Value Proposition Workshop
    • State of the Sector: Reckoning with Relevance
    • Strategic Differentiation Workshop
    • Overcoming Hidden Enemies to Strategy
    • Future Visioning
    • Leading Transformative Change Initiatives Objectives
    • Designing Programs for Returning Stop-Outs
    • Closing the Part-Time Student Success Gap

    Dynamic Strategy Resource Center

    As competitive boundaries shift and student preferences evolve, the traditional model of higher ed strategic planning that results in a static, “sits on the shelf” document every five years is no longer sufficient. EAB’s resource center identifies eight strategic competencies that every leadership team must develop to overcome the pitfalls of periodic, stakeholder-driven planning cycles.

    The DEIJ Resource Center

    Discover a curated list of resources from EAB experts to guide your diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice initiatives on campus.

    The Industry Futures Series: Exploring the Next Era of Professional Programming

    Discover resources that will help colleges and universities understand the most impactful ways to adjust academic programming to keep pace with technological advancements in the Digital Revolution.

    Mental Health Resource Center

    Create a campus-wide culture of well-being and meet the escalating demand for mental health support using EAB best practice research and tools.

    Streamline Onboarding and Promote First Year Student Success

    Despite efforts to improve customer service and create more welcoming environments, community colleges still require students to navigate complex processes and policies when it comes to admissions and onboarding. Follow the steps in this Roadmap to facilitate the onboarding process and ensure continued student retention through the first year.

    Strategic Cabinet Resource Center for Community Colleges

    To rise to the oncoming challenges facing community colleges, presidents have expressed a surprising need: an empowered cabinet that helps lead strategic change. Explore the Strategic Cabinet Resource Center for insights and tools that will help cabinet members develop strategic thinking skills and lead change.

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