Support your campus through the coronavirus crisis

Support your campus through the coronavirus crisis

Insights to keep you up-to-date on higher education's COVID-19 response

EAB's Latest COVID Resources

5 things higher ed now knows about COVID-19

Read the five things scientists have learned about COVID-19 that we did not know back in March—and EAB’s take on how this knowledge shapes higher ed today.

The Promise and Perils of COVID-19 Testing on College Campuses

A senior representative from Quest Diagnostics discusses the current state of COVID-19 testing on college campuses and explains why testing protocols vary so widely.

Why colleges should have fewer students on campus this fall

Learn why the first weeks of term—even for the best-prepared institutions—suggest that it’s time to limit the number of students on campus as much as possible.

Repopulate Campus Safely


The decision to pull-back from repopulation will be one of the most complicated any leadership team will make. Not only are the public health and financial consequences immense, but there are dozens of variables that could inform this decision. Some of these may contradict one another, and others—like faculty and student opinion—are not easily quantified.

Support Students, Faculty, and Staff


Facing new financial pressures from COVID-19, a growing number of institutions are contemplating furloughs as a way to avoid layoffs, retain staff, and generate short-term salary savings. Some are indefinitely furloughing staff whose jobs cannot be performed remotely. Others are asking all staff to take a pre-defined number of furlough days.

Plan for the Future


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