Holding Institutions Accountable to Change: Apoorva Shah


Harnessing the power of data

Apoorva Shah, Principal

Equity in the public sphere is often narrowed down to a smaller number of dimensions like gender and race. But that reduction not only ignores intersectionality, it also neglects the fact that equity means different things in different places. Equity in a rural state looks different from equity in a metropolis like New York. So how do we respond to those different contexts? How do we identify what areas may need intervention, and how do we hold ourselves accountable to progress?

We set out to create a framework that is prescriptive enough to give you a jumping off point, but flexible enough to fit the context of the institution. A core education data platform like EAB’s Edify allows you to pull together and juxtapose differing sources of data—housing data, conduct management, core SIS data, learning data, admissions CRM data, and so on.

We then develop a customized template so that institutions can begin to ask better questions about equity specific to their campuses. Are there discrepancies between where students are applying from and where they’re being accepted? Are different groups of students graduating with different amounts of debt? Are you as an institution engaged in improving equity outcomes in your community?

There is not a one-size-fits-all Equity Dashboard; there are going to be equity dashboards, plural.


Edify is a data management platform designed for higher ed that unifies and organizes data assets across campus into a single centralized platform.

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