Student Mental Health & Well-Being Collaborative

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Student Mental Health & Well-Being Collaborative

Workshops to build a comprehensive mental health support system on university and college campuses


This collaborative will bring together university partners and campus stakeholders to advance student mental health support on campus and help you successfully implement student well-being initiatives at your institution.

Participate in EAB’s Mental Health Collaborative to focus your efforts and make progress on student well-being initiatives through a series of guided workshops with peers.

Across the last two years, the spotlight has been on mental health more than ever before. Student mental health topped the list of presidents’ priorities five consecutive times on recent ACE surveys, and there has been growing recognition that student mental health is linked to student success and must be an institutional priority.

Student affairs leaders must leverage the current momentum and institutional investments in supporting student mental health to reimagine their approach to supporting student well-being across the next decade.

About the Collaborative

EAB’s Mental Health Collaborative will bring 30 university partners together to advance student mental health support on their campus. We know that this work is hard to do, and student affairs can’t do this alone, so this collaborative will also bring together stakeholders from across campus with the vice president of student affairs, or chief wellness officer, serving as an executive sponsor.

Successfully implement student well-being initiatives through expert-guided workshops

1. Leveraging data to demonstrate impact of mental health work

Sample activities:

  • Create a prioritization document to identify assessment areas needing more attention
2. Fundraising for student mental health and well-being

Sample activities:

  • Partner with the director of annual giving to develop a well-being fundraising goal and perfect your pitch
3. Embedding well-being support into more student touchpoints

Sample activities:

  • Build a student touchpoint map to identify where proactive well-being support is lacking
4. Empowering faculty and graduate students as mental health champions

Sample activities:

  • Work with academic colleagues to co-develop plug-and-play syllabi wellness statements

Customized support to make progress and build new capabilities

Build confidence and motivate change on critical campus priorities with step-by-step guidance

Accelerate best practice implementation in an expert-led, cohort-based workshop experience

Expand your skills and capacity with expert coaching and project management support

How to participate

If you are interested in participating in the next cohort of our mental health collaborative, please fill out the form below. If you are a partner, you can also contact your strategic leader to learn more.

Learn more about the Mental Health Collaborative

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