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Applying People Analytics to Business Problems

Improve staff hiring to attract top talent

Current and prospective employee data can help leaders make recruitment decisions and track progress towards goals. HR teams should use this guide to ensure they track the best metrics to identify high- and low-ROI hiring practices and unit-specific inefficiencies. CHROs should use this guide to recommend process improvements and budget allocation.


Without tangible data on applicants and hiring processes, colleges and universities lose out on top talent:
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    Hiring processes take too long

    Top candidates likely drop out of your applicant pipeline when they hear back from other employers first. Without data, you can’t pinpoint the slowest parts of your hiring process.

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    Effectiveness of sourcing channels vary

    Investing in recruitment channels without a clear strategy can diminish the quantity and quality of candidates you attract. Without data, you risk wasting money on low-yielding sources.

Diagnose pain points in the hiring process to acquire more top talent

For each pain point listed below, we recommend several action items that fall into one of three categories: track employee data metrics, ask diagnostic questions, and make tangible changes. Download the PDF for the full list of suggested action items.
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    Hiring milestones (average number of days)

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    Recruitment channel effectiveness

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    Candidate experience

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