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Performance Management Resource Center

Out-of-industry-inspired best practices to get the most from your performance management process

Review eight out-of-industry-inspired best practices to get the most from your performance management process, supplemented by seven downloadable tools your staff can use to put our recommendations into practice.

Key Insights

Dissatisfaction with the annual performance review process is a trend across industries, and higher education is no exception. Managers dislike spending so much time filling out forms, and HR staff equally dislike chasing down those forms. Most managers find that evaluating others feels awkward and subjective, while staff want (and would benefit from) more frequent feedback than the standard once-a-year review model allows.

EAB has created two resources to help campus leaders overcome these shortcomings and improve their performance review models: Prioritizing Continuous Feedback in Higher Ed Performance Management and The Manager’s Guide to Accurate Evaluations.

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