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Insight Paper

Navigating the Recovery

A Long-Term Perspective on Student Success Following the Pandemic–and What Actions You Can Take Now

The public health crisis brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic is abating and giving way to an education crisis that may only just be starting. Pandemic-era students learned and socialized differently than their predecessors, leaving many underdeveloped in one or both regards relative to what we would have expected in the past. Education and human development is cumulative over time, suggesting that colleges and universities could still be dealing with the lingering aftereffects for years to come as pandemic-era students work their way through the system.

What will this disruption look like, how long will it last, and what can student success leaders do to prepare? To answer these questions, we analyzed data from multiple independent sources to map out the years ahead. Read EAB’s white paper for our recommendations on how to respond to three pandemic ripple effects: the long-term impact of unfinished K-12, high staff turnover, and student mental health.

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