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Create a student-centric user experience on your college website

Can prospective students quickly find important information?

While most enrollment teams understand the importance of user testing their college’s website, some are reluctant to do it because they think they don’t have the necessary expertise, worry that it requires more time than they can spare, or think it calls for specialized tools they don’t have.

In this video from Bob Smith, Senior Director of Digital Experience at EAB’s Agency Services, Bob shares key principles for your website’s navigation that will improve the experience for prospective students—whether they are just starting to explore your website, researching your institution’s offerings, or beginning the application process. He also outlines three insights on user testing and the importance of continually optimizing your college website.

Take the Self-Tests on User Testing


User behavior changes over time, and when it does, your website needs to change and evolve too.


Bob Smith

Senior Director of Digital Experience at Agency Services

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