Meet the expert: Will Lamb, Dean of Graduate and Adult Learner Recruitment


Meet the expert: Will Lamb, Dean of Graduate and Adult Learner Recruitment

Growing competition means the stakes to develop right-fit academic programs have never been higher

With the future of traditional undergraduate enrollment uncertain, many colleges and universities seek to grow enrollment in and revenue from graduate, online, and adult degree completion programs. But recruiting and enrolling adult learners has never been more competitive. Growth in the number of new master’s programs launched has outpaced growth in master’s degree conferrals in recent years, meaning more programs with fewer students. Competition for adult students is only expected to grow, as 75% of university strategic plans list graduate enrollment or adult education as priority initiatives.

If you went back 5 to 10 years, schools would have a much easier time creating new programs and assuming they would be able to get students for those programs. That’s not really true anymore.”

Will Lamb, Dean of Graduate and Adult Learner Recruitment

Growing enrollments in adult-serving academic programs starts with a portfolio of right-fit, well-designed programs. Dr. Will Lamb is at the frontlines of helping institutions develop, launch, and market successful academic programs. As a former graduate and business school dean, Will brings decades of program design and recruitment expertise to EAB’s 100+ Adult Learner Recruitment partners. In his role as Dean of Graduate and Adult Learner Recruitment, Will works with institutions across the country to support all elements of academic program portfolio planning, design, and development.

About Adult Learner Recruitment

EAB’s Adult Learner Recruitment initiative combines consumer analytics, intent marketing, market research, and strategic consulting to fuel smart growth for graduate, online, and degree completer programs. Unlike online program management companies, we work with you to drive growth without assuming control of core academic functions like curriculum design. And unlike digital marketing agencies, we are a full funnel enrollment solution—with 30 years of expertise generating results from brand awareness to lead generation—all the way through application marketing and yield management.

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