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Partner Service

Campus Sustainability Plan Review

Participate in EAB’s Sustainability Plan Review to explore your plan’s strengths and opportunities for improvement.
Partner Service

Candidate Experience Web Audit for Colleges and Universities

Participate in EAB’s Candidate Experience Web Audit to learn more about how to improve the prospective faculty experience when they interact with your website and apply for a position.
Partner Service

Community College Web Presence Audit

Your institution’s website has become not only the face of your institution but also your main recruitment engine as students forego Requests for Information and direct conversations with recruiters. It’s…
Partner Service

Counseling Center Website Audit

Improve the accessibility, findability, usability, and credibility of your counseling center website
Partner Service

Credential Market Briefing and Innovation Workshop

Join our EAB-facilitated experience to educate your team on the certificates market and inform programming decisions.
Partner Service

Customer Satisfaction Pre-Survey Consultation and Post-Survey Review

As part of your Business Affairs Forum and Facilities Forum partnerships, participate in EAB’s Customer Satisfaction Pre-Survey Consultation and Post-Survey Review to audit and improve your current higher ed Facilities…
Partner Service

Customize an EAB Presentation to Achieve Your IT Strategy Goals

Explore sample Partner Intensive topics focused on higher ed IT strategy
Partner Service

EAB Market Insights

Whether you’re vetting program ideas proposed by faculty, refreshing an existing set of degrees, or seeking new opportunities for launch, EAB Market Insights offers actionable recommendations and guidance to support…
Partner Service

EAB Market Insights for the United Kingdom

EAB's Market Insights helps our higher ed partners make decisions regarding individual courses or their academic portfolio.
Partner Service

EAB New Executive Intensives

EAB's New Executives Intensives are designed to support successful leadership transitions across K-12 and higher education.