Edify Accelerators: Custom Dashboards for Your Campus

Edify Accelerators: Custom Dashboards for
Your Campus

Customized workspaces designed to help answer your institution's most pressing questions

Edify Accelerators are templatized workspaces with custom dashboards of flexible multi-source analytics focused on solving specific business challenges. This page provides information on different accelerators.

Edify is EAB’s education data and analytics solution built for higher education. With Edify, institutions can bring their disparate data together and empower individuals across campus with data insights. In addition to the technology, Edify partners can expand their team’s capacity using professional service hours which leverage EAB’s skills and expertise, like data science and data engineering.

Edify also contains a library of prebuilt Accelerators, which are templatized workspaces containing custom dashboards comprised of flexible multi-source analytics. Accelerators are designed to help leaders answer a common set of institutional questions. The dashboards include templatized reports, metrics, and key performance indicators (KPIs) based on EAB research and experience with hundreds of institutions so that partners need not start from scratch.

Every Accelerator includes several features that allow for customization and easy use. Examples:

  • Drag-and-drop Analytics Explorer: Change data visuals, add metrics, perform actions on metrics (e.g., sum, average), rename metrics, and create edits in a drag-and-drop space. Note that the data available in the Analytics Explorer is curated data specific to the workspace and does not represent all of the available data through Edify.
  • Dashboard building and sharing: Create new custom dashboards by building new insights or using saved insights from the Analytic Explorer, adding filters, and editing descriptions, then name and share the dashboard.
  • Email scheduling: Select the email frequency and recipients for dashboard delivery via PDF or Excel documents.
  • Automated data refreshes: Schedule data to be refreshed to your Accelerator so that it is always up-to-date.

This page describes the available Accelerators and the list will continue to grow. Click on each accordion below to learn more about an Accelerator and how it can support your institution’s data needs. Don’t see an Accelerator that addresses your top-of-mind questions? With Edify, you can work with EAB to create custom dashboards even if there isn’t a templatized workspace. Contact your Edify Strategic Leader or [email protected] for more information.


Student enrollment is practically everyone’s job at an institution. Various individuals from across campus contribute to enrollment numbers—from setting the strategy to managing academic programs, and more. The Strategic Enrollment Management Accelerator is designed to help your enrollment team elevate key data across stakeholder groups. Whether for a cabinet meeting or for daily status updates, the data is validated and curated into useful insights in one place.

  • Example data sources: SIS, finance ERP, enrollment CRM, student success CRM, National Student Clearinghouse
  • Example dashboards: enrollment trends, market expansion, class outcomes
  • Example data users: enrollment management, registrar, student success, institutional research and effectiveness, academic affairs

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Student success is the top priority across higher education institutions of all types. The Success and Retention Opportunities Accelerator empowers users with student success analytics to improve student success outcomes through interventions, policy changes, and other initiatives. The data can also be used to support funding and grant requests.

  • Example data sources: SIS, retention CRM, National Student Clearinghouse
  • Example dashboards: student success outcomes, re-enrollment opportunities
  • Example users: student success, enrollment management, institutional research and effectiveness

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Institutions gather financial data from multiple sources and can easily miss the full picture without an adequate means to bring the data together and create a source of truth. The Financial Sustainability Accelerator allows users to see the full picture, enabling leaders to narrow in on departmental and college costs to identify insights across campus, prioritize areas of focus, and identify cost-saving opportunities.

  • Example data sources: SIS, finance ERP, HR systems, student success CRM
  • Example dashboards: overview, institutional costs, college costs, department costs
  • Example data users: finance and administration, enrollment management, academic affairs, institutional research and effectiveness

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Advancement plays a critical part in sustaining and growing institutional revenue. The Advancement Accelerator houses advancement-related data, enabling leaders to identify opportunities to reach more prospects, retain current donors, and expand their advancement efforts to inform their strategy.

  • Example data sources: SIS, advancement CRM, EMSI, career services data
  • Example dashboards: overall giving, cohort population exploration, map views, donor data exploration
  • Example users: advancement, development, alumni relations, marketing and communications, finance and administration

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With the rise in hybrid and digital-first interactions, institutions have had to rely heavily on online learning technologies, such as Learning Management Systems (LMS). The LMS Utilization Accelerator is comprised of data to help decision-makers improve student success outcomes and remove barriers to successful LMS usage.

  • Example data sources: LMS, SIS
  • Example dashboards: LMS utilization overview, course section analysis, department profile, instructor profile, student profile, student outcomes
  • Example data users: IT and LMS administrators, digital learning leads, student success, deans, department chairs

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Institutions receive a variety of state and federal funding based on performance according to data reported to Integrated Post-Secondary Education Data System (IPEDS). The process to operationalize that data can be incredibly time-consuming and requires data collection across multiple offices and sources. This accelerator not only prepares the data that will be used in IPEDS submission but also allows partners to identify trends and potential ROI opportunities that align with their IPEDS reporting data.

  • Example data sources: Excel, CSV, admissions CRM, finance, HR system
  • Example dashboards: 12-month enrollment, admissions, completions, graduation rates, outcome measures
  • Example data users: institutional research and effectiveness

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Many students face financial barriers to student success, but there are unique barriers that may disproportionately affect specific student populations. The Financial Barriers Identifier Accelerator is designed to empower student success practitioners with relevant data to identify and investigate financial barriers that may affect success outcomes. The dashboards focus on distinct groups among the student population with whom practitioners can then conduct interventions to remove specific barriers.

  • Example data sources: SIS, finance ERP, enrollment and retention CRMs, National Student Clearinghouse
  • Example dashboards: admitted, enrolled, stopped out, near max credits
  • Example users: financial aid, academic advisors, enrollment management

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The Course Success Equity Accelerator is designed to help leaders identify equity gaps in course outcomes. The data enables users to understand if items like course modality or LMS engagement correlate with improved success outcomes and uncover where academic challenges are most acute for students.

  • Example data sources: SIS, student success CRM, LMS
  • Example dashboards: student overview, student attributes, student behavior, instructor overview
  • Example users: student success, student services, academic affairs, advisors

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The Transfer Success Equity Accelerator is designed for both two-year and four-year institutions to help leaders understand where and why their students are transferring. Two-year users can use the data to understand if students are experiencing "successful" transfers to four-year institutions or if they are transferring to programs at competing two-year institutions. Users can also look at the data at different levels and attributes, identifying which groups of students are transferring and surfacing equity gaps.


  • Example data sources: SIS, student success CRM, National Student Clearinghouse
  • Example dashboards: transfer overview, transfer institution, transfer by attribute, transfer by race/ethnicity, transfer by program
  • Example users: transfer advisors, transfer admissions, advisors, enrollment management, student success

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