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Manager’s Guide to Remote Onboarding for Higher Ed

This toolkit enables managers to create remote onboarding plans for higher ed that uniquely support remote new hires.
Strategic Advisory Services
Research Report

MOOCs as a recruitment tool: the University of York’s approach to ‘try-before-you-buy’ courses

Discover how the University of York’s used MOOCs as a recruitment tool with their ‘try-before-you-buy’ approach to courses.
Professional and Academic Services Forum
Research Report

For digital transformation success, start with a digital strategy that advances the university mission

The shift to widespread virtual instruction and operations in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic underscores that digital transformation is no longer a luxury but a necessity for business continuity.…
IT Strategy Advisory Services
Resource Center

Digital Transformation in Higher Education

Make sure you and your colleagues are on the same page when it comes to digital transformation, and access resources for eight core capabilities that are essential for digital transformation…
IT Strategy Advisory Services

Overcome the Challenges of Online Classroom Management

77% of teachers are struggling more with virtual classroom management than in-person, increasing teacher stress and wasting academic learning time. Watch this video to learn four strategies for overcoming the…
District Leadership Forum

Unlocking Data to Drive Digital Transformation and Organizational Change

Higher education’s evolution is ongoing—and it is underpinned by technology. As institutions continue to adapt to changing student needs and rapid technology innovation, they’re undergoing digital transformation. But continuous innovation…

It’s about innovation, not disruption: why digital transformation looks different for higher ed

Learn about consumer trends relevant to higher ed—and a framework to help your campus build stamina for continuous innovation.
Insight Paper

AI for Enrollment Leaders

Our insight paper gives actionable advice to college enrollment leaders on four key AI priorities.

IT project intake and institutional prioritization process

The topic of this capstone project, part of the Rising Higher Ed Leaders Fellowship, focused on leveraging this and developing an institutional IT project intake and prioritization process.
Strategy Blog
Partner Service

AI Strategy Workshop for Higher Ed Cabinet Leaders

EAB's AI strategy workshop helps higher ed leaders craft a unique institutional AI strategy and navigate their most urgent AI priorities.