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Insight Paper

The State of Graduate Enrollment Management

Despite the uncertainties of the pandemic, graduate enrollment increased at its fastest rates in nearly a decade during 2020 and 2021, outpacing industry projections. But with this opportunity also came…
Adult Learner Recruitment

6 Strategies to Tackle Your Admissions Office Staffing Challenges

In the face of so many challenges, enrollment leaders can feel paralyzed about next steps in tackling high turnover, low retention, and a wave of vacant positions. This infographic provides…

EAB survey confirms higher ed advancement talent crisis

Without a fully staffed shop, chief advancement officers risk not meeting yearly fundraising goals at a time of ever-increasing expectations. To understand the current talent crisis, EAB conducted a survey…
Advancement Blog

Manager’s Guide to Remote Onboarding for Higher Ed

This toolkit enables managers to create remote onboarding plans for higher ed that uniquely support remote new hires.
Strategic Advisory Services

Supporting the Well-Being of Teachers and Staff amid COVID-19

In May, 80% of teachers reported feeling anxious, worried, exhausted, and depressed. Reports indicate that these rates have only increased in subsequent weeks. District and school leaders can use this…
District Leadership Forum
Research Report

How to compete in today’s higher ed enrollment, research, and talent landscapes

While bracing for disruption, it’s easy to overlook how much competition has fundamentally reshaped the higher education landscape. In particular, the emergence of three competitive market forces is already raising…
Strategic Advisory Services
Research Report

Sidestepping the Advancement Talent Crisis

This white paper explores three talent management strategies advancement leaders can implement to address the current hiring and retention crisis.
Advancement Advisory Services

How is burnout related between faculty, staff, and students?

This blog proposes steps that can be taken to promote wellness across campus for faculty, students, and staff through communication and increased peer support.
Strategy Blog
Research Report

Prioritizing staff retention to build an inclusive institutional culture in higher ed

This research report explores three common gaps institutions can address to create proactive retention practices to build a more inclusive staff culture.
Strategic Advisory Services

Navigating the Advancement Salary Landscape, Backed by EAB’s Data Analysis

EAB's insights on the advancement salary landscape will help you attract and retain talent, promote equity, and advance your institution's mission.
Advancement Advisory Services