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Research Report

Extending the Student IT Workforce

This report profiles the strategies that progressive institutions are using to increase the productivity of student workers and their value to the campus IT organization.
IT Strategy Advisory Services

Competing for Major Gift Officer Talent Toolkit

This toolkit includes resources to help institutions recruit high-performing major gift officers in an environment of increasing demand for top recruiters.
Research Report

Gifted and Talented

This study explores the traits of top-peforming fundraisers and how to recruit them in an environment of heightened competition.
Research Report

Competing for Talent

This study examines how institutions can recruit high-performing major gift officers in an environment of increasing demand for top recruiters.

Major Gift Officer Recruitment and Retention Insights

This webconference presents an analysis and key insights from the Philanthropy Leadership Council’s 2011 survey of major gift officers, focusing on recruitment and retention of these development officers.

Why you should invest in holistic talent reviews

Learn how focusing on talent reviews rather than performance evaluation can help direct managers to provide strategic, employee-focused feedback, helping to increase staff retention.
Research Report

Preparing and Staffing Operations for Capital Campaigns of One Billion Dollars or More

This report explores how advancement leadership reorganize staffing and unit structure to prepare for and support capital campaigns of more than one billion dollars. The report details the number and…
Advancement Advisory Services

5 mistakes to avoid when determining your higher ed institution’s competitors for staff talent

This blog identifies five pitfalls to avoid when determining your institution’s competitors for staff talent and how to accurately diagnose competitors.
Strategy Blog

Anticipating the Impact of Gen Z

This session will define Gen Z and discuss the events that have shaped the generation’s worldview.

How to avoid 3 common salary study mistakes in higher ed

To help campus and HR leaders get the most out of staff salary studies, EAB identified three common salary study mistakes and how to avoid them.
Strategy Blog