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Hear Partners from Quinnipiac University, Montana State University, Colorado School of Mines, and Siena College describe the tremendous impact EAB has made on their campuses.

“Having a partnership with EAB means you really have another arm of a team involved in everything that you’re doing on campus.”

Heather Boyd, Associate Provost for Enrollment Management, Colorado School of Mines

“What happens almost every year is consistency. We’re achieving results that are as good as or better than year-over-year and it’s just a consistent drumbeat of success.”

Ned Jones, Vice President for Enrollment Management, Siena College

“[Our EAB Strategic Leader] is absolutely one of the smartest enrollment strategists I have ever met…she always has the best ideas.”

Ronda Russell, Director of Undergrad Admissions, Montana State University

Student Success

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“One of the great benefits of [Navigate] was our fall-to-spring retention. Our appointments in our counseling and advising center increased 53% over the past year, and we saw the highest fall-to-spring freshman retention rate we’ve ever had.”

John Michalenko, Vice President, Student Life, Robert Morris University

“[Navigate] has actually put better data in our hands to help understand who our students are, what their needs are, and more importantly pushed us along the path to make decisions to help support them be successful.”

John Hamblin, Executive Dean of Student Development, Mount Hood Community College

Hear partners from Bowling Green State University, Berkshire Community College, Mount Hood Community College, and Samford University share their passion for transforming student lives

“In one fall we added 700 more freshman and maintained our retention rates, and that couldn’t have happened if we didn’t have a coordinated approach to service delivery for our students.”

Stacey Bradley, Senior Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Academic Support, University of South Carolina

Hear Vice Provost Timothy M. Renick discuss how the Student Success Collaborative has helped Georgia State figure out which numbers matter

Operations & Strategy

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"I really believe that if you arm leaders with the right information, that they will make the best decisions for the organization"

Dr. JuliAnn Mazachek, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs at Washburn University


“EAB allows me to feel confident in the decisions I’m making…it’s really just a dream come true, to have found this organization”

Ginny Wise, Senior Vice President for Advancement at Tulane University

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