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Financial Aid and Pricing

Today’s students are discerning consumers, and financial aid plays an important role in both college choice and student perception of value. We can help you craft a strategy that supports your students and your enrollment goals.

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The importance of explicit prioritization when planning your college or university’s financial aid allocation strategy can’t be overstated. While EAB data shows that college costs for students have steadily risen since 2008, net tuition revenue growth has been anemic. As a result, colleges have turned to strategic financial aid allocation to help offset those rising…

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College cost and financial aid are top-of-mind issues for students and their families, yet most aid award letters—the first communication families receive from you on the topic—are difficult to understand and often missing critical information. Your award letter must be transparent and accessible as well as clearly communicate the true cost of attending your institution.…

When I speak with enrollment managers at public universities, they’re often frustrated by the limits of their financial aid strategy—and, for some, “limits” is a euphemism for “complete lack of.” Motivated by a genuine desire to fulfill their institution’s mission of increasing access to higher learning for all, enrollment managers want their aid dollars to…

The recruiting maxim, “the earlier, the better,” appears to be holding true during this application season—a special season that is, itself, all about “earliness” with the first October FAFSA creating the opportunity for everyone to turn back their financial aid clocks three full months. Enrollment teams have been buzzing with questions about the influence of…

Nearly 54 million adults in the United States hold an associate degree or have attended some college without earning a bachelor’s degree. For too many of these students, the financial barriers to degree completion seem impossible to overcome. Roughly 60% of adults have considered returning to school to complete a degree, but worry about cost.…


When President Obama announced that FAFSA availability would shift from January 1 to October 1, starting with the 2016-17 admissions cycle, enrollment managers had to decide quickly–and with little information –whether to move up financial aid packaging. Now that the industry has settled into the era of Early FAFSA, EMs are considering whether they made…

Whether your institution is a small, expensive private college that began working with aid optimization consultants decades ago, or a large, low-cost regional public university that only recently felt a need for more strategic use of aid, institutional aid allocation is an essential part of the institution’s recruitment strategy. This webconference will explain the fundamentals…