An Integration Command Center Expands Access to Reliable Data Across Campus

An Integration Command Center Expands Access to Reliable Data Across Campus


John Carroll University (JCU) is a private Jesuit liberal arts university with more than 3,600 students, consistently ranked one of the Midwest’s top regional universities.

Quick Facts

John Carroll University, a Small Private Master’s University Outside Cleveland, Ohio

The Challenge

JCU’s technology ecosystem ballooned in recent years, leading to siloed data accessible only through a complex web of integrations. Running multiple technology systems, each with its own data management path, meant basic figures weren’t consistent across systems. Changes to a system, integration, or analysis required significant time and effort from JCU’s IT team.

The Solution

JCU partnered with EAB to implement EAB's education data platform, Edify, as a comprehensive integration command center. Data communicating between systems now flows through Edify, which automates data validations and serves as the single control point for all cross-system integrations.

The Results

JCU’s IT team can easily change data definitions across systems since data is aggregated in one comprehensive model. With the time saved by Edify, they also have time to support strategic initiatives as the institution develops more sophisticated uses for data and analytics. Beyond IT, users across campus can easily access data without source system expertise and be confident in the data’s quality.

Impact Highlights


Reduction in time to make a data change across all systems

Minutes, not days

Required to defend data to campus stakeholders now that all systems use consistent data elements

Lowering the Burden of Integration Maintenance Scales IT’s Impact

JCU’s IT Team Regains Valuable Time to Work on Strategic Initiatives

Complex System Creates a Pile-Up of Time-Intensive Work

  • Building new integrations and making sure data feeds run correctly

  • Maintaining integrations that are each built with their own specs and script

  • Conducting global validations to ensure data remains in sync across applications

With each new integration, the maintenance burden grows


“We are setting up a consistent and repeatable integration environment where changing an integration is easy. The ability to extend the value of my team is priceless.

Jim Burke,
Chief Information Officer


Orchestrating Integrations in an Easy-to-Manage Platform


The Impact

Edify lets JCU use data and technology to serve students and staff more efficiently, dramatically reducing the manual time spent on integration and validation. As JCU seeks to develop more sophisticated uses for data, Edify promotes consistency and reliability by delivering a single representation of campus data.


Reduction in time to make a data change across all systems

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