3 things you’ll learn at the IT Forum 2019-2020 national meeting

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3 things you’ll learn at the IT Forum 2019-2020 national meeting

As technology assets continue to leave the premises and technology spend continues to bleed into the budgets of every campus leader, the roles and responsibilities of IT leaders and their teams have shifted into uncharted territory. To help CIOs and their teams reorient their value proposition from systems to services, our 2019-2020 national meeting series will explore some of the existential threats facing campus IT and provide insight into where some technology organizations are finding success. Attendees will learn:

Emerging organizational models to promote better strategic alignment

Colleges and universities increasingly see technology as fundamental to their work—but that doesn’t always mean more appreciation for the IT organization. With technical and business requirements overlapping more each day, CIOs are looking to reinvent their IT teams with new models that align more closely with the value propositions of their institution: teaching and learning, and research.

New, embedded IT roles focus on business expertise over technical authority, with CIOs increasingly experimenting with matrix organizations and agile/DevOps teams to strengthen the relationship between business and IT and support innovation across the institution.

Strategies to establish collaborative services and leverage non-traditional sourcing

Whether working across centralized and decentralized IT, across university systems, or between distinct institutions, universities and colleges are increasingly turning to new models for the delivery of back-end and non-differentiating capabilities. The opportunity for cost-savings through scale is driving many institutions down this path, but the complexities inherent in sharing services lead to drawn out projects and stakeholder frustration.

Leading institutions are introducing satellite IT organizations, leveraging platforms to collaborate with distributed IT, and introducing thoughtful frameworks to identify viable, appropriate services for sharing.

How to bring new skills and roles into the IT organization

As campuses see their systems move into the cloud, the urgency of bringing new skills and expertise into the IT organization is rising. Transitioning existing staff into new roles presents challenges in preserving morale and mapping skills, while bringing in new talent often requires circuitous conversations with university HR.

With the skills gap widening, some CIOs are getting creative in their approach to calcified hiring frameworks, separating technical and managerial career pathways and leveraging position control to create cost-savings while redefining IT positions.

With opportunities to network with peers, interact directly with our experts, and discuss how our findings can translate to each IT organization, IT Forum members agree that the national meeting is the single most valuable part of their EAB partnership. We’re looking forward to connecting with you at a meeting this year. Save your seat today.

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