Introducing the Professional & Adult Education Forum

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Introducing the Professional & Adult Education Forum

We’ve been busy here at EAB this summer and there’s much to share: A new name for the COE Forum, new content on the new and improved, and an enhanced set of Market Insights projects to support your portfolio and program development efforts.

Welcome to the Professional & Adult Education Forum

Many of you have heard me share how challenging it was to name this Forum. No single word or phrase could possibly capture the diversity of professional, continuing, adult, and online education. We settled in 2011 on the acronym COE, and it has no doubt served us well.

Across the last eight years much has changed about the markets you serve and the credentials you deliver. And, unsurprisingly, many of the institutions and leaders we serve have grappled with how to name their own units, divisions, or colleges to best reflect these dynamics. As a growing number of senior administrators beyond the COE unit are actively involved in setting strategy to serve adult learners, the importance of moving beyond the acronym to a name that clearly and quickly communicates what unites our partner institutions—what research topics we focus on—became imperative. It’s a conversation I’ve had with many of you across the last year, and I’m grateful for your input and advice.

So, after much discussion, the COE Forum will now be known as the Professional & Adult Education Forum.

Our commitment to providing actionable intelligence on evolving market demand and insight into how institutions are organizing to secure share in these competitive markets remains the same even as we are known by a new name.

Introducing Forum Roadmaps

You’ll soon notice the new name on the transformed I hope you’ve had the chance to peruse the site and the great new features it has to offer.

With this new look and feel comes a new kind of expert-driven content, called Roadmaps, that we’ve designed specifically with you in mind. Roadmaps synthesize our professional and adult education research on a given topic into stepwise guidance that includes hands-on resources for stakeholder education, decision-support, and implementation.

Our first Roadmap, Develop Outcomes-Focused Recruitment Messages for Adult Learners, is available now to help you educate your campus partners about the importance of outcomes-focused recruitment messages and to create those messages for your prospective students.

Take a look at this new resource and let us know what you think. You’ll be seeing many more of these across the next few months and we are eager to hear how you plan to use them in your work.

Exciting Enhancements to the Market Insights Service

Finally, I hope many of you are already familiar with the improvements made to our Market Insights projects and services. In addition to a new web-based request form that should expedite project start times, we now offer four Market Insight project types. Each is described briefly below, but please let us know if we can schedule a planning call to discuss in greater depth how to map our intelligence and offerings to your portfolio and program needs.

Intelligence to Guide Portfolio Planning

Market Opportunity Scan identifies the three most promising fields, industries, or disciplines with greatest demand and lowest competition in a specific geographic area for new program development

Portfolio Health Check evaluates the relative strength of existing program offerings in a set graduate portfolio, e.g., all education master’s programs.

Intelligence to Support Program Development

Program Feasibility Study is now delivered in two phases. The first provides labor market and competitive intelligence to inform early go/no go discussions, while the second phase goes deeper into curriculum or marketing guidance for programs with promising market opportunity.

360 Program Assessment diagnoses why an existing program is not meeting enrollment expectations. A four-part scan, the assessment evaluates labor market alignment, competition, inquiry management, and web and mobile presence.

I look forward to discussing these changes with many of you in the coming months and to seeing you at a 2020 Professional & Adult Education Forum Executive Roundtable.

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