Meet the expert Amy Luitjens


Meet the expert: Amy Luitjens, Consultant and Principal, Adult Learner Recruitment

How EAB’s subject matter experts help colleges recruit adult learners in today’s competitive market

To offset expected drops in undergraduate enrollment due both to declines in the traditional college-age population and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, enrollment leaders are facing heightened pressure to recruit adult learners. But recruiting adult learners, or students enrolled in graduate, online, certificate, or degree completion programs, requires a nuanced understanding of their mindset, motivations, and the obstacles they face to enrollment. The marketing messages and strategies institutions use to reach and engage adult learners must speak to the unique perspective of adult learners throughout their student journey.

Amy Luitjens brings a deep understanding of adult learners’ mindset and how to engage and recruit this audience from her work in enrollment-related roles across varied institution and program types, including law and other professional schools. As a Consultant and Principal in EAB’s Adult Learner Recruitment division, Amy is part of a team of subject matter experts that provides counsel to more than 100+ university partners to help them reach their graduate and adult learner enrollment goals.

“When we go and work with our partners on campus or they come visit us, we’re always iterating on what we can do to better serve them. At the heart of that is really a deep care and concern for and stewardship of everything we do together.”

Amy Luitjens
Consultant and Principal

About Adult Learner Recruitment

EAB’s Adult Learner Recruitment initiative combines consumer analytics, intent marketing, market research, and strategic consulting to fuel smart growth for graduate, online, certificate, and degree completer programs. Unlike online program management companies, we work with you to drive growth without assuming control of core academic functions like curriculum design. And unlike digital marketing agencies, we are a full funnel enrollment solution—with 30 years of expertise generating results from brand awareness to lead generation—all the way through application marketing and yield management.

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As interest in recruiting adult learners grows, community colleges face stiff competition from for-profit and four-year institutions. Despite this increased competition, community colleges offer career-relevant education that should appeal to students seeking to start, advance, or change careers. This toolkit will help you recruit adult learners by removing enrollment barriers and aligning program offerings with students’ career goals.

View our expert insights and best practices for enrollment marketing leaders of graduate, online, certificate, and undergraduate degree completion programs.

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