Remote Work Policy Audit


Remote Work Policy Audit

Attract and retain the best talent, improve productivity, and conserve space and energy with an up-to-date remote work policy


Use the remote work policy audit to compare your institution’s policy to best practices across a wide spectrum of employers and data-driven research, and receive concrete suggestions to improve your policy that are specifically tailored to higher education.

EAB's Remote Work Policy Audit service is a research-informed evaluation of an institution's remote work or telework policies. After the institution submits its current remote work policy for review, our research team evaluates the policy based on criteria derived from best practices at private companies, NGOs, and academic research on management and productivity.


in-depth interviews with CIOs, CBOs, SFOs, and subject matter experts on remote work policies

Trends and practices established by these sectors are then filtered through a higher education-focused lens to tailor recommendations to colleges' and universities' administrative needs, which are distinct from that of private-sector corporations. Learn more below.

What are policies evaluated based on?

Eligibility for remote work

Alignment of remote work policies with institutional goals on issues like employee retention and space utilization

Ease of employee access to information critical to success in remote work

Recommendations are based on data gathered from nearly nine months of research and nearly 50 in-depth interviews with university CIOs, CBOs, SFOs, CHROs, and subject matter experts, with a focus on what types of remote work policies result in the greatest benefit to both employers and employees.

What's the time committment?

Less than five minutes of your time. All you need to do is email your remote work policy document to [email protected].

Partners can expect to receive a customized report, scoring rubric, and specific recommendations roughly six weeks from the date they submit materials for review.

What do you receive if you participate?

The final product is a customized report with an easy-to-scan scoring rubric, as well as an in-depth analysis of the policy's strengths and opportunities for improvement, with specific changes suggested and their potential benefits clearly explained.

Ready to sign up?

This service is available only to partners of EAB's Business Affairs Forum, Facilities Forum, IT Strategy Advisory Services, or Global Research Partnership. If you are a partner, please make sure you are logged into your account and then click the "Email us to sign up" button. If you are not a partner, you can learn more about our research solutions for colleges and universities here.

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