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Insight Paper

Recruit College-Bound Students in an Era of Channel Overload

White Paper

Recruit College-Bound Students in an Era of Channel Overload

How to optimize your audience strategy to achieve enrollment success

Where will you find tomorrow’s college-bound students, and how will you engage them? Uncertainty regarding the future of standardized testing is undermining what was historically the foundation of most schools’ recruitment-marketing efforts. At the same time, a rapid proliferation of alternate and competing lead sources is leaving many enrollment leaders with more questions than answers.

Our newest white paper addresses all of these concerns, describing, in clear and simple terms, what an optimized portfolio of audience sources and conversion channels looks like-what each, uniquely, brings to the table, and how, when properly integrated, they create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. It does so with specific reference to EAB’s own recently expanded channel suite, which includes Cappex, Intersect, YouVisit, and Wisr.

Specific topics covered in the white paper include:

  • Likely future trends in standardized testing and their implications for recruitment-marketing
  • How to identify gaps and redundancies in your channel array
  • How deep integration between channels enables scalable customization of communications with prospective students


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