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Moon Shot for Equity Leadership Testimonials: University of Wisconsin–Parkside


Moon Shot for Equity serves as the bold vision and glue that binds us together to make lasting impact.


Deborah Ford, Chancellor

University of Wisconsin-Parkside

A mission to close equity gaps

To fulfill the promise of student success, we must close persistent equity gaps at our colleges and universities. Our communities will thrive only if all people have a fair and equal chance to gain the knowledge and skills needed to succeed.

Four colleges and universities in Southeastern Wisconsin have committed to erase equity gaps in their region by 2030. Working collaboratively, and implementing best practices from EAB, these institutions are investigating how their current systems put underrepresented students at a disadvantage in order to create a comprehensive strategy for equity and success.

Watch the video to hear from Deborah Ford, Chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Parkside, about why her institution, the most diverse campus in the U-W system, chose to participate in the Moon Shot for Equity.

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