Multichannel Marketing Drives Results Throughout the Candidate Journey

Case Study

Multichannel Marketing Drives Results Throughout the Candidate Journey

Birch University*, a Medium-Sized, Private University in the Northeast

  • About: Birch University is a private university in a large city in the Northeast. 
  • Challenge: Faced with increased local and national competition, Birch’s adult degree completer program struggled to maintain enrollment volume for several years due to insufficient awareness and engagement among key prospect audiences.
  • Solution: Birch partnered with EAB to identify audiences who would be most likely to enroll, and to raise awareness among these populations as a part of overall marketing and recruitment strategy. EAB used consumer data to create detailed personas of Birch’s target students and generate high-affinity prospects to target. EAB then launched multichannel campaigns to engage candidates and encourage applications.
  • Impact: EAB’s digital ad campaigns generated awareness by reaching over 65,000 unique prospects within Birch’s target audience. Down-funnel, multi-channel campaigns spurred substantial engagement and application activity, influencing 22 enrollments for Birch’s adult degree completer program.

* A pseudonym

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