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Enrollment Analytics

Faced with unpredictable yield and rising recruitment costs, enrollment leaders need to understand the health of their enrollment pipeline in real time. We deliver in-depth visibility so you can quickly answer critical enrollment questions.

Our Products

Pipeline Analytics

Pipeline Analytics is a custom predictive analytics platform that helps enrollment leaders track risks, opportunities, and engagement in real time, enabling proactive strategy adjustments.
  • 1.5B annual student interactions collected in our database
  • Dozens of EAB enrollment analytics experts on staff
“In a market in which everything is so irrational, Pipeline Analytics gives me the data and intelligence to help me be more effective strategically.” – VP Enrollment & Student Financial Services

Enrollment Management Forum

Empowering enrollment teams with research and expert guidance on future enrollment strategies, student retention and success, diversity, financial aid, transfer students and more.
  • 93% partner renewal rate
  • 96% of partners agree our enrollment research improves the quality of their strategic decisions
“Every time I read something from EAB, I learn something… I’ve worked with EAB at two institutions now, and I always think that your work is very cutting-edge.” – Enrollment leader, St Joseph’s University

Research & Insights


Our latest white paper profiles innovative ways enrollment offices are going beyond predictive analytics to provide actionable insight with prescriptive analytics. Plus, learn three emerging priorities for evidence-based enrollment management.



Watch the on-demand webinar on our YouTube channel. Faculty are inherently innovative, especially when it comes to designing new academic programs. But because faculty are disconnected from the day-to-day realities of new student recruitment, new programs tend to reflect faculty priorities more than emerging student interests. As a result, new programs rarely drive enrollment growth, […]

Watch the on-demand webinar on our YouTube channel. About the Webconference From movie watching habits to personal transportation, machine learning has started to impact everything we do. Even enrollment management teams have taken note and are implementing this technology in their day-to-day recruitment and engagement strategies. Watch the recording of EAB Expert Ian Watt and guest presenter Robert […]

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