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Faced with unpredictable yield and rising recruitment costs, enrollment leaders need to understand the health of their enrollment pipeline in real time. We deliver in-depth visibility so you can quickly answer critical enrollment questions.

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Enrollment Management Forum

Empowering enrollment teams with research and expert guidance on future enrollment strategies, student retention and success, diversity, financial aid, transfer students and more.
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  • 96% of members agree our enrollment research improves the quality of their strategic decisions
“Every time I read something from EAB, I learn something… I’ve worked with EAB at two institutions now, and I always think that your work is very cutting-edge.” – Enrollment leader, St Joseph’s University

Pipeline Analytics

Pipeline Analytics is a custom predictive analytics platform that helps enrollment leaders track risks, opportunities, and engagement in real time, enabling proactive strategy adjustments.
  • 1.5B annual student interactions collected in our database
  • Dozens of EAB enrollment analytics experts on staff
“In a market in which everything is so irrational, Pipeline Analytics gives me the data and intelligence to help me be more effective strategically.” – VP Enrollment & Student Financial Services

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Over the past few years, machine learning has transformed everything from movie watching habits to personal transportation. In student recruitment, advanced enrollment management teams are now benefiting from this technology as well. Elizabeth Kee, a senior analyst with EAB Enrollment Services, sat down with Dana Strait, principal for EAB New Product Development, to learn about…

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Enrollment leaders have always made predictions about the future, using whatever tools they had at their disposal. Recent technological advances have made it possible to make better predictions with more sophisticated analytic tools. Read on to learn about two easy ways you can use analytics to prioritize the right students for certain communications. Let’s first…

Admission counselor time is an increasingly precious resource that needs to be distributed in the most effective way possible—but visit strategy, for most schools, is a quirky business that often relies on legacy relationships with certain high schools. How do counselors know whether the time they’re spending at traditional feeder schools really pays off? And…

Our latest white paper, Frontiers in Enrollment Analytics, walks enrollment leaders through the latest data and analytics capabilities. It describes in depth the near future of evidence-based enrollment management and how schools can make that vision a reality. You’ll learn strategies to: Overcome data isolation Many schools’ analytics efforts are hobbled by an inability to connect…

Every year, the EAB Enrollment Services Entering Class Survey polls our partner colleges and universities to measure how they performed across the past twelve months. In addition to helping us gauge the overall success of our partnerships, these surveys provide valuable insight into what’s working (and what’s not) under current market conditions. The most recent…



Whether your institution is a small, expensive private college that began working with aid optimization consultants decades ago, or a large, low-cost regional public university that only recently felt a need for more strategic use of aid, institutional aid allocation is an essential part of the institution’s recruitment strategy. This webconference will explain the fundamentals…

About the Webconference As institutions seek to keep students on-track for four-year graduation, summer terms have gained attention as under-utilized opportunities to advance students. But because summer offerings often cater to faculty preferences instead of student course needs, they rarely support credit accumulation where it is most needed to facilitate timely degree completion. This webconference…