For urgent facilities needs, send in the SWAT team

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For urgent facilities needs, send in the SWAT team

How some campuses are resolving maintenance needs through short-term staffing solutions

Institutions trying to improve their preventive maintenance programs still have one-off or recurring corrective needs that require resolution, like time-constrained tasks or customer-requested work. Some campuses have resolved these maintenance needs through short-term staffing solutions, generally known as maintenance SWAT teams. The first opportunity is a transition-focused maintenance SWAT team. One school that experienced a need for a temporary SWAT team is the University of Central Florida (UCF).

When UCF began their transition to a reliability-centered maintenance (RCM) model, they experienced a noticeable drop in customer satisfaction. While the new model ensured staff prioritized preventive maintenance work, customers expressed frustration when Facilities did not address their requests immediately anymore.

UCF addressed this by creating a temporary maintenance SWAT team. This team, called the “Shore It Up” Team, consisted of three newly hired staff members dedicated exclusively to responding to urgent customer requests. This allowed Facilities to continue building out its new maintenance program while still responding to customer needs. Once UCF completed the transition to RCM, they regained the capacity to respond to customer requests within their normal staffing structure, and the Shore It Up Team employees moved into other roles within the new model.

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