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Independent School Alumni Engagement

The relationship between school and student shouldn’t end after graduation, but alumni are increasingly unresponsive to traditional engagement efforts. EAB can help heads of school elevate alumni relationships to their full potential.

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Equipping school leaders with the research, strategies, and tools to address their most pressing challenges including financial sustainability, student wellness, fundraising and alumni engagement, professional development and more.
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“Despite my busy schedule, I will always block off time to talk with EAB, because I know it will be thoughtful, interesting, and I’ll learn a lot too.” – Independent School Executive Forum member

Research & Insights

Advancement revenue composed 6.3% of total independent school revenues in 2015. While this figure might seem small, advancement remains the fastest-growing source of funding for many schools and represents a critical area for investment. Online and mobile giving are increasingly important parts of the advancement landscape. Both mediums are particularly popular among younger alumni, making…

With growing concerns about economic and demographic changes, price of tuition, and questions of the value of independent school education, financial sustainability is an issue for independent schools. This brief highlights major factors that impact financial sustainability and lays out six levers you can use to inflect it: advancement, cost cutting, alternative revenues, enrollment management,…

Faculty are the heart and soul of any school. Tasked with carrying out a school’s mission in the classroom and beyond, faculty have a tremendous impact on the school and its community. But ad hoc processes and limited proactive recruitment mean that schools are potentially missing out on great teachers. To attract and hire top…

Kids these days—are we right? At private and public institutions of all sizes, millennials have annual giving directors scratching their heads. A socially conscious generation, they’re quick to open their wallets for a variety of causes, but also skeptical about giving back to universities. Seventy-five percent of millennials say that they’d rather donate to another…

To me, reunions and annual giving go together like “peas and carrots,” to quote the inimitable Forrest Gump. Of course, I’ve spent the better part of my career on small liberal arts campuses, where reunions are ingrained in the institutional culture. But all institutions—large or small, public or private—can grow engagement and donations by harnessing…


Join us at a National Meeting The Independent School Executive Forum is excited to host our annual national meeting series, bringing together heads of school from around the country. Across the two-day meeting, we will share our latest research, provide time for discussion, and preview forthcoming implementation support services.

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