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Independent School Marketing and Recruitment

The traditional approach to independent school admissions no longer captures the full pool of prospective families. Our research and insights can help you communicate value, segment messaging, and appeal to new prospects.

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Independent School Executive Forum

Equipping school leaders with the research, strategies, and tools to address their most pressing challenges including financial sustainability, student wellness, fundraising and alumni engagement, professional development and more.
  • 124 member schools across the United States
  • ~90% of members consider national meetings “Excellent.”
“Despite my busy schedule, I will always block off time to talk with EAB, because I know it will be thoughtful, interesting, and I’ll learn a lot too.” –Independent School Executive Forum member

Research & Insights

Use this toolkit to guide admissions, marketing, and communications teams in taking advantage of the full potential of word-of-mouth for recruitment purposes. Traditionally, mission-aligned families have been familiar with the value of an independent school education and have actively pursued it for their children. Recently, increased competition and the rising cost of tuition have resulted…

Independent School Executive Forum National Meeting Series

The Independent School Executive Forum is excited to host our annual national meeting series, bringing together heads of school from around the country. 
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In the 2018 Independent School Executive Forum’s Executive Roundtable series, Building and Sustaining a Competitive Advantage, researchers shared best practice strategies in the area of enrollment management and faculty professional development. This resource center is designed to take the insights and best practices from our research on enrollment management, Expanding the Enrollment Funnel, and translate…

With growing concerns about economic and demographic changes, price of tuition, and questions of the value of independent school education, financial sustainability is an issue for independent schools. This brief highlights major factors that impact financial sustainability and lays out six levers you can use to inflect it: advancement, cost cutting, alternative revenues, enrollment management,…


About the Webconference What metrics should we be tracking? How do we share our findings? School leaders are looking to make more data-driven decisions and often turn to our team for guidance. To complement our EAB study Impactful Financial Dashboards, we’ve invited one of our member heads to share their approach with you. Join us for a…

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