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Educating students while delivering improved outcomes and sustainable economics is no simple feat, but K-12 leaders must rise to the occasion. Our research can help you improve efficiency and strengthen teacher talent, all while maintaining financial sustainability.

EAB specializes in operations and strategy

Teacher Recruitment and Onboarding

  • Providing district and independent school leaders with research, diagnostics, toolkits and more to streamline teacher recruitment and onboarding
  • 39 schools and districts participating in our teacher recruitment research collaborative

Leadership and Professional Development

  • Serving 250+ districts and independent schools across 29+ states
  • 8+ experts on staff with 12+ years of experience in K-12 leadership and development

Financial Sustainability

  • Our experts conduct dozens of annual workshops and national meetings with K-12 leaders
  • 200+ research calls with 250+ K-12 leaders across the last year

"It would take a full-time researcher a whole year to pull together the data that EAB can synthesize in 10 days."

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Teacher Retention Strategies for Title I Schools

This report describes how engaged school principals, a collaborative culture, and extensive coaching and mentorship increase teacher retention in Title I schools.
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Faculty are often not used to receiving frequent feedback and classroom observers or coaches do not always provide the most detailed, useful feedback. Use the FOCUS feedback method to provide faculty with observations that are quick, clear, and actionable to improve their professional practice. Create a robust coaching program Visit our Coaching Resource Center and…

As our world grows more complex, independent schools must confront new threats to their school communities. In order to prepare for and address a broad array of institutional risks—including those that are more likely to have an impact on independent schools—schools must establish a comprehensive risk management process. Such a process includes identifying the right…

Summary This report explores the strategies used by four public school districts to allocate budgetary resources to support strategic initiatives. The report describes how profiled districts use strategic planning to prioritize resources and explores methods to launch and assess new initiatives. Key observations from our research 1. Align funding priorities with the district-wide strategic plan.…


About the Webconference The second installment of the series will discuss problems with typical faculty professional development. Administrators at Georgetown Day School will join EAB to provide an in-depth description of their active learning-based professional development model and how it exhibits characteristics of effective professional development. Presenter: John Wachen

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