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Talent Management and Development

Ad hoc processes and limited proactive recruitment mean that too many schools miss out on great teachers. Our research and resources can help schools attract new talent, establish an evidence-based interview process, and effectively on-board.

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Independent School Executive Forum

Equipping school leaders with the research, strategies, and tools to address their most pressing challenges including financial sustainability, student wellness, fundraising and alumni engagement, professional development and more.
  • 124 partner schools across the United States
  • ~90% of partners consider national meetings “Excellent.”
“Despite my busy schedule, I will always block off time to talk with EAB, because I know it will be thoughtful, interesting, and I’ll learn a lot too.” – Independent School Executive Forum partner

District Leadership Forum

Providing superintendents and other leaders with the strategies and data they need to make more informed decisions, effectively implement ideas, and create a high-performing district.
  • Currently serving 120 (and counting) partner districts across the US
  • 3.95/4.00 cumulative national meeting GPA since 2017
“It would take a full-time researcher a whole year to pull together the data that EAB can synthesize in 10 days.” – Superintendent

Research & Insights


Many districts are concerned about teacher recruitment due to massive teacher shortages across the country. Discover a wide variety of ideas and accompanying tools to help districts inflect change at every stage of the teacher hiring process.

Boost skills in school principals

Equip your principals with strategic thinking and interpersonal skills.
here's how

Faculty are the heart and soul of any school. But ad hoc processes and limited proactive recruitment mean that schools are potentially missing out on great teachers. We've identified 14 practices, across four areas, to help schools attract and hire top talent.

Independent schools experience head of school transitions more often than ever before, but most haven’t had the opportunity to perfect the transition process. With that in mind, we have gathered the advice and experience of 25 independent school leaders into a playbook designed to help guide you through this challenging process.


About this Series The Independent School Executive Forum is pleased to offer a four-part webconference series across the fall to share tactics from our 2018-19 research on Hiring Top Talent. During these sessions you and key members of your team will learn strategies for recruiting and hiring great teachers.

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