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Academic Performance Solutions


Demographic and economic shifts are putting intense pressure on community colleges and universities to contain costs while maintaining high academic standards, growing new programs, and advancing student success.


Academic Performance Solutions (APS) helps campus and department leaders make smarter decisions by analyzing, visualizing, and benchmarking data across the institution and against peer institutions.


From identifying bottleneck courses to conducting program reviews to managing instructional capacity, our partners use APS to surface opportunities that impact student success and the bottom line.

We combine data with benchmarks and support to help you build a culture of data-informed decisions

  • Democratized Data

    The self-service platform can be dynamically filtered in real-time, giving you the data you need, when you need it

  • Context for Comparison

    Discipline-level benchmarks are available throughout the platform, from a cohort of peer institutions chosen by you

  • Guidance for Action

    Actionable opportunities are paired with concrete recommendations and proven best practices


Academic Program Review

Establish an effective annual program review process

Provide provosts, deans, and department leaders with data to support annual program health “check-ups,” ensuring underperforming programs receive timely attention and popular programs can grow.

Compare program performance institution-wide

Measure individual program and department performance

Understand student progress in individual programs

Capacity Management

Plan course offerings based on student demand

Under-filled courses cost precious instructional time, while over-filled courses become bottlenecks that block student progress. APS helps you analyze trends in student demand and anticipate demand for future terms. Learn more.

Predict needs based on historical data

Transition to proactive planning

Avoid disruptive last-minute schedule changes


Faculty Line Decisions

Standardize faculty line planning

Leverage data to support standardized faculty line requests, letting you evaluate requests based on demonstrated need rather than precedent.

Demonstrate how additional lines will impact student progress or reduce faculty overload

Uncover opportunities to reallocate current resources before adding new lines

Budget Planning

Reduce instructional costs

Increase budget transparency and identify opportunities to improve resource allocation, reducing cost per credit hour while maintaining your mission.

Balance faculty course loads

Right-size section offerings

Increase course completion rates


Beyond Technology

Move from insight to action with dedicated consultative support and training

During implementation, the EAB tech team audits your data to ensure quality

Partners have access to toolkits and training resources based on EAB's best practice research

Your dedicated consultant supports you every step of the way, from identifying opportunities to driving utilization

Partners attend a national summit to share ideas, learn from peers, and provide input on our product roadmap

Results our partners have seen


dollars saved reallocating 2.5 faculty lines to depts. with demonstrated need


increase in course completion rates across two targeted gateway courses


hours of time saved eliminating manual data collection and analysis


Leverage data to enhance budget transparency

ODU provided training and access to unit-level data to over 100 academic leaders.


Embed data in review process to improve resource allocation

SAU used key department-level metrics to inform resource requests and make allocation decisions.

Let us help you contain costs and improve student outcomes


Vice Provost for Institutional Effectiveness

“People have a desire to paint the picture that they want and to create the scenario with data that they think best serves their own individual interests. But with the APS tool, we can all start talking about the same data in the same way.”


Dr. JuliAnn Mazachek, Vice President for Academic Affairs

“[EAB] worked so carefully with us on implementing the product and we were able to implement in a relatively short amount of time, without [requiring] a lot of time by the folks on our side. So, when EAB says that they're going to do the heavy lift, you can believe them.”

To learn more and schedule a demo, please fill out the form below or contact us at (202)-747-1005.

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